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20-Carat (20ct) Diamond: Everything You Need To Know

20-Carat (20ct) Diamond: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re following the news, you surely could have heard that someone got engaged with a little help from a beautiful piece of 20-carat diamond ring.

No wonder; this is an expensive but also precious piece of jewelry to wear on your finger.

Since it’s been the media’s focus and your attention, we’ve decided to dedicate our time to compiling a guide: 20-Carat (20ct) Diamond: Everything You Need To Know.

We’ve covered the bits and pieces, from price to color, and even some tips on buying this precious piece of jewelry.

So, if there’s an engagement on the horizon, or you’re just interested to find out more, lay back and listen to what we have to say about this gem.

Diamond Carat Weight

While diamond-shopping, you can hear that the diamond that caught your eye is a specific carat.

Do you know what it means, or are you just going with the flow and nodding your head to what the jeweler is talking about?

We’re here to let you in on the importance of carats in your diamond. It’s crucial that you know this, or at least be familiar with the topic, so that you don’t get scammed and pay more.

So, what is carat in diamonds? To put it simply, carat is the weight of your gem – that simple.

Mind you; carat weight has nothing to do with size. You could be looking at a huge gem with 1.5 carats and thinking: how is this possible? Well, it is.

Your diamond’s carats are usually converted into grams. An example would be: 1 carat in diamonds is equal to 0.2 grams. Is carat a measurement?

Precisely, carat is the measurement used for calculating the diamond weight. The origin of this comes from the Greek word for carob bean – keratin. Carob seeds were actually used to measure the diamond by traders.

They used the seeds to countermeasure the weight of the gem.

Carat vs. Karat: Which One Is Consistent With Diamond?

Karat is the wrong term to use, and it has nothing to do with diamonds. Karat is a measurement for determining gold’s quality.

Does total carat weight equal carat weight?

In short, no. Carat weight is a separate measure and refers to the weight the diamond carries by itself. On the other hand, total carat weight refers to the total weight of carats present in the jewelry.

With that said, the total carat weight has the final say in the price.

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How Much Is a 20-Carat (20ct) Diamond Worth?

We’re all here for one reason, and one reason only – to find the price tag on a 20ct diamond.

Maybe you already had certain assumptions about this, considering the fact that it is a very valuable game, and we’re here to finally clear all your doubts and give you an approximate price.

The approximate price and value of a 20ct diamond are about $500,000.

Yes, that’s the price tag. Is it worth paying that amount of money for a diamond?

Well, most people with a budget won’t have to dwell too much on this. Paying half a million bucks for a diamond engagement ring is out of the game for some.

Mind you, that won’t stop someone with a bigger budget. We’re talking about celebrities, for example, or collectors who have no problem setting aside a considerable sum of money for such valuables.

While celebrities do this for publicity and to spoil their loved ones, collectors do it mainly for their pleasure.

Is this too much price for one diamond? You will encounter both opinions.

Rare 20-ct Diamond Uncovered In Botswana

A rare 20ct diamond was found in Botswana. On top of that, it’s a blue 20ct diamond, which makes it even rarer. For reference, you should know that only 0.2% of diamonds that are mined are blue.

This gem was discovered in one of Botswana’s mines, initially as a 44.11 carat stone, so you could imagine how large it is. The molecular inclusion of boron creates the unusual blue color of this gem.

Marcus ter Haar, one of the people who found the diamond, expressed his admiration for the gem’s unique look and vibrant color.

Once the 20ct diamond was separated from the stone and polished, it was given the name “The Okavango Blue,” after Botswana’s national treasure, the Okavango Delta.

And if you’re contemplating the price of this clearly astonishing finding, the price tag is still to be determined. Jewelry experts say that they are not ready to put it up for sale.

Still, you can imagine the value that it already holds.

25ct Diamond up for Auction

Since we’re talking about big money and lots of carats, let’s take the time to mention the 25ct diamond that went up for auction in Australia.

Apparently, a 25.02ct square diamond with an emerald cut made history in Australia. This absolutely stunning was put up for auction and sold for an incredible USD $870,000.

It’s record-breaking for sure, and as you can see, people are willing to pay enormous sums of money for a valuable possession such as this beautiful piece.

The gem that caught the same attention before that was in 2020 when a 17ct diamond ring was sold for $575,000.

A high price, indeed.

How Does Carat Weight Affect The Price?

The question is, “Does carat weight affect the diamond price?” It does to some extent, but it’s much more complicated than a yes/no question. Luckily, we’re here to fill you in on that.

Let’s start by saying that the diamond’s price is not exactly equivalent to its weight. As confusing as that may sound, we’ll try to explain. Bear with us. Here’s an example:

The price of a 2ct diamond can be twice as much compared to four 0.50ct diamonds combined, even though, when added, the weight is equal.

How does this happen?

It’s because the quality of the diamond has some say in it as well. And by quality, we mean the cut. This is why the 2ct diamond can be doubled in price compared to 0.5ct of earlier quality.

Also, there’s an equation that jewelers follow when determining the price.

carat weight x per carat cost = the price of the stone

Although this is a universal thing, prices can still vary between dealers, and that’s why it’s essential always to remain open-minded and take into consideration the quality of the stone, not just the carats.

Carat vs. Cut: Which One Is More Important?

If you’re buying a diamond, you’ll be looking at the 4Cs before you buy the right one.

Many people regard the cut and carat as the most critical features, but is that true? And between the two, which one has more significance?

Truth be told, carat is definitely an essential factor, but the diamond cut will probably win. Here’s why we think so:

Carat weight definitely affects the value of diamonds, but the cut is what is crucial, especially in terms of brilliance and the overall appearance.

At the end of the day, it’s really all about how it looks on your finger, and a smaller high-quality cut diamond will look better and more sophisticated.

Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

Diamond Size Carat Chart: by Shape

Since there is an evident relationship between diamond carat weight and size, we’ve compiled a chart for you based on the most sought after shapes.

Round 5.1mm6.5mm7.4mm8.1mm9.3mm10.2mm

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Average Prices of Diamonds

We’re halfway through our 20-Carat (20ct) Diamond guide, and the questions that probably popped in your mind are: What are the average prices of diamonds?

You can see the answer to this question, and a larger view of the differences in the price of diamonds, in this table:

Diamond Carat WeightPrice per CaratTotal Price
0.50 carat$1,100 – $7,690$550 – $3,845
1.00 carat$1,910 – $15,650$1,920 – $15,560
1.5 carat$2,985 – $22,330$4,480 – $33,500
2.00 carat$4,025 – $42,180$8,050 – $84,360
3.00 carat$6,190 – $50,070$18,580 – $150,220
4.00 carat$7,575 – $68,130$30,300 – $272,520

This was a general overview of price in relation to carat weight. As you can see, 2-carat diamonds are somewhere in the middle.

When considering the price gap, we recommend aiming for a piece around $15,000 – if the quality’s your top priority.

If you want to find out more about how these prices are calculated, check out our article on How Are Diamond Prices Calculated?

Top 10 Most Expensive Diamonds Based On Carat Weight

Since we’ve seen how carat weight can affect diamond value, let’s take a look at one interesting topic many of you would otherwise research: The top 10 most expensive diamonds in the world.

Prepare to see some shocking figures.

1. The Koh-I-Noor

A piece that’s undoubtedly on everybody’s list is the one and only: The Koh-I-Noor diamond.

The 105.6ct weight of this diamond puts it in the first place, and its value on it is beyond words. It’s so valuable that there’s no price agreed.

However, the history of this diamond certainly contributed to its extraordinary appearance and nature. Among others, it is believed that this gem was mined in India in 1305.

Several centuries later, Prince Albert had it cut to increase its brilliance and sparkle.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see a price tag on this beautiful piece soon.

2. The Cullinan

The second place belongs to The Cullinan.

This is also the largest rough diamond in the world, and it has 3,106.75ct. It was found in Cullinan, South Africa, from where it got its name. Later on, it was given as a present to King Edward VII.

The value of this gem currently stands at $2 billion.

Although formally known as Cullinan, people also call it “The Heart of Africa.”

3. The Hope Diamond

In third place, we have The Hope Diamond.

This beautiful piece was discovered in India during the 1600s. It was then brought back to France by King Louis XIV.

This dark blue-gray stone has 45.5ct, and its value is estimated at $25 million.

Despite its name, the interesting thing about this stone is that it is cursed. According to the legend, it brought misfortune to all its previous owners.

4. The Centenary Diamond

The Centenary Diamond, which weighed more than 500ct, took fourth place.

This beautiful piece was later cut to 275.58ct. This was done for the purpose of improving the grade and color of the diamond, which was achieved subsequently.

The price tag on this one is $100 million.

Interestingly, it took 154 days for professional jewelers to accomplish this.

5. The Pink Star

Another beautiful piece found in South Africa, The Pink Star.

This is the only diamond in the world that was graded with Fancy Vivid Pink. Also, it weighs 59.6ct, and it’s internally flawless.

In 2017, this gem was put up for auction. The price of this piece was $71.2 million.

6. The Winston Blue

The original name of this gem was the Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond, but it was changed in 2014 to the current “Winston Blue” when Harry Winston bought it.

It’s the largest diamond that’s ever been graded by the GIA, weighing at 13.22ct, and the price is no joke either – $23.8 million for this piece.

7. The Wittelsbach Diamond

Up until 2010, it was 35.56ct. After that, it was downsized to 31.04ct.

The Wittelsbach Diamond made history as the gem that passed through the hands of almost every royal in the German and Spanish families.

It was marked as “royal” ever since it was brought to Europe in the 1600s. However, recently, this gem received some backlash for its properties, but they were dismissed quickly.

The price tag on this one is no less than $23.4 million.

8. The Perfect Pink

This extraordinary vivid pink diamond with 14.23ct first appeared in an auction in 2010.

It’s definitely a sight for sore eyes, with its clarity being graded VVS2. The price tag on this one isn’t too shabby either, $23.4 million.

All in all, we would say a fair price to pay for a fine piece like this.

9. The Heart of Eternity

The Heart of Eternity is a fancy vivid blue diamond that was mined in South Africa. Mind you, only 1% of all mined diamonds are colored.

The heart-shaped piece, from which it got its name, had to be cut into 777 ct.

As for the owners of this gem, in 2000, it was owned by the De Beers. However, there’ve been rumors going around that Floy Mayweather, a famous boxer, purchased this piece as a gift to his fiance.

If the rumors are true, he has to cash out $16 million.

10. The Moussaieff Red Diamond

Last place goes to The Moussaieff Red Diamond.

This gem was discovered recently, somewhere during the 1990s in Brazil, and was formerly known as the Red Shield.

Besides taking the significant 10th place on this list, it’s currently the largest natural red diamond that’s been graded by the GIA.

It goes without saying that red diamonds are one of the rarest, but at the same time, most sought-after diamonds in the world.

The carat weight on this one is 5.11ct. It was displayed as one of the most valuable red diamonds in the world, and its price is estimated at $8 million.

These were the ten most expensive diamonds in the world. By looking at this list, you could conclude that the carat weight, but also the origin, can affect the price jump of these gems.

Although most of them are probably out of our league, financially speaking. There’s absolutely no reason for us not to be curious, though, and compare the prices.

Tips for Buying Diamonds

If you want to make a successful purchase and bring home an HQ diamond, you should set some rules before you bring out your wallet or credit card and make the purchase.

Here are a few tips we would follow:

Come Up With a Budget

First and foremost, you need to set some realistic goals. In this case, it’s money.

Jewelry shopping is not like your ordinary everyday shopping, and therefore, it requires some budget planning beforehand. Take a second look at your finances if you’re not sure, and try to figure out how much you can set aside for this purchase.

Remember not to go overboard.

Make A List

When buying diamonds, you should be familiar with the 4Cs – cut, clarity, carat, and color.

Before heading to the jewelry store, make a list of the 4Cs and outline your priorities. For some, it might be color, while for others, it might be carat weight.

Either way, you should know what you’re looking for.

Visit Multiple Jewelers

Don’t confine yourself to just one jewelry store, especially if you live in a place where there are several of them. Look up reputable ones and make time to visit each of them.

As we said, the prices are likely to vary between dealers, and you might not find the best deal and price in the first store you walk into.

Ask For A Certificate

No matter what you decide, or what diamond quality you end up buying, ALWAYS ask for a certificate. This is a paper that confirms the diamond’s grading quality, and, ultimately, that the piece you’re buying is not a fake.

Do not make the purchase unless you get to see this piece of paper.

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Inquire About Insurance

Jewelry belongs to valuables, and it would be wise if you ask about insurance.

If it’s a diamond ring for your wedding or engagement, it’s definitely time to call your agent and announce this ahead of time. Here, you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

Final Thoughts

That would be it, folks. We’ve successfully covered the topic of 20-Carat (20ct) Diamond: Everything You Need To Know. Let’s just go over the main points once again.

A 20ct diamond is not a rare piece, but it’s expensive. Although there is no fixed price on this carat weight, the estimated value is close to $1 million.

The price variations you see result from the relationship between carat weight and the quality of the diamond. Diamonds with more carats don’t have to cost more if the quality is poor.

We can agree on one thing, and that is that 20ct diamonds are both expensive and rare. Recently, a 20ct blue diamond was found in Botswana, and the value is still to be discussed.

Although both carat and cut are critical factors, professionals will still place a little more importance on the cut since it affects the brilliance and overall appearance of the gem.

Before buying diamonds, whether they have 20 or 2 carats, you should set a couple of rules for you for the purchase to go well.