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3-Carat (3ct) Diamond: Everything You Need to Know

3-Carat (3ct) Diamond: Everything You Need to Know

It’s widely known that carats are units of weight equal to 200 mg and that it’s commonly used for measuring diamonds and, more specifically, their mass. And when it comes to diamonds, certain weights seem to be more popular than others. Why? Well, for some, it’s a matter of personal preference. But for others, it’s about diamonds as signs of wealth. 

If we look at the latter, it’s obvious why the demand for bigger diamonds spiked in recent years. And that brings us to the 3-carat (3ct) diamond – a popular choice among those who want the gemstone to grab all the attention. It’s twice the size of a “regular diamond,” after all.

Let’s dive deeper into our sea of diamonds and see what 3-carat diamonds really are, why they are so popular – and how and where to buy them.

What Is A 3ct Diamond?

Three-carat diamonds are just that – diamonds that weigh 3 carats. Okay, that was an obvious one, but we’ve barely scratched the surface here.

These diamonds weigh 600 milligrams – or 0.6 grams – which is very important when it comes to the question of pricing. Don’t worry; we will talk about prices in great detail and share buying tips for people who are interested in buying 3ct diamonds.

But what’s the deal with these diamonds? Well, the thing is, diamonds that weigh three carats aren’t special when it comes to their cuts or settings – or anything that determines their final shape and form, for that matter. They’re instead known for their specific weight.

In the times when diamonds started to become popular in Europe – and the rest of the Western world – there was one rule: The bigger the diamonds, the wealthier the owner. That is why 3-carat diamonds are so popular to this day. Usually, diamonds weigh between 0.5 and 1.5 carats; that would be your “average” diamond. 

This “norm” was implemented because a lot goes into determining the diamond’s value – and a lot of it has to do with mining and shaping the gem. Of course, diamonds are priced “per carat,” which means that when you go to the jewelry store or your local diamonds dealer, you’ll find prices formed by the weight of the diamond for sale.

But, some people do not want to buy diamonds that are the regular size (0.5 to 1.5 carats) and would much rather prefer something that will stand out and get all the attention. And what better way to stand out than by wearing a massive shiny rock? 

Now, this does not, in any way, reflect our opinions on diamond sizes. It’s merely something that the current pop culture (especially in Western countries) seems to promote – and what caused a higher demand for larger diamonds. 

Remember the reasoning behind it, and you’ll soon understand why three-carat stones get so much attention these days: The size of someone’s diamonds is thought to represent their wealth – simple as that.

We’re sure that, given the opportunity, some people would go even bigger than three carats. But here’s the thing: Gems that weigh five carats – let alone 10 carats – are incredibly rare and, of course, expensive. 

So, even if your goal is to “show off,” maybe you should consider settling for a three-carat piece. On that note, here’s some great news: Many people believe that diamonds shine the brightest and look the prettiest when they have a mass of three carats – and we would agree.

Best Cuts For 3-Carat Diamonds

There are particular cuts that go amazingly well with diamonds of a certain size and those that don’t look as nice. That’s true for a smaller stone as it is for a three-carat one. 

So, with that said, 3-carat diamonds tend to look better if they are cut in a specific manner.

You should know that there are cuts that will affect the size and the presentation of a diamond, regardless of its carat weight. Some of the most famous cuts that have this effect are the round brilliant cut, the Princess cut, and the oval cut.

If you’re looking to make your 3-carat diamonds look as prominent as they can, we suggest you skip these cuts and consider some more suitable alternatives. Asscher, radiant, or heart-shaped cuts are more suitable for 3-carat diamonds – especially if the diamond in question is found in an engagement ring.

A diamond’s cut determines the way it will look and how much it will sparkle – regardless of that stone’s size. That’s why it’s important to select the cut with care when buying 3-carat diamonds. With this brief intro in mind, let’s look at some of the best cuts – and some of the least favorable cuts – for 3-carat diamonds!

Optimal Cuts For 3-Carat Diamonds 

Your best options when it comes to the cut of three-carat diamonds are: 

All of these cuts accentuate the beauty of your 3ct diamonds with ease, making them appear a lot brighter and bigger than others, while the less suitable cuts (that we’ll talk about soon) have the exact opposite effect.

These cuts will make your three-carat gemstone stand out and allow more light to enter the gem – which, in turn, makes it sparkle even brighter.

Less Favorable Cuts For 3-Carat Diamonds

The not-so-great choices for three-carat diamonds include:

Diamonds that were cut in these manners might be every bit as stunning as the ones we have mentioned earlier – but the fact remains: Three-carat diamonds tend to appear smaller – and, arguably, not as appealing – when cut in this manner.

If you’re into diamonds that look minimalistic and don’t attract as much attention, then these cuts might be perfect for you. But otherwise, we recommend that you look for an alternative.

What Is The Price For 3ct Diamonds?

And now, for the most important question: How much do 3-carat diamonds cost? As much as this question may seem simple to ask, as you’re about to see, it’s nowhere near as simple to answer.

For one, diamonds are priced depending on their carats. So, two almost identical diamonds will have different price tags if one of them is a 0.5-carat diamond and the other one is a 0.65-carat stone.

That goes to show you how significant of a role mass plays when it comes to pricing gems – and the pricing game is no joke. The price tags of such precious stones tend to fluctuate to extremes depending on many factors – including the carat weight.

But there’s a catch: It’d be wise to remember that there are other factors to contribute to this. The gem’s shape, cut quality, clarity, color, and setting all play a huge role when determining the price of a diamond. And, of course, that applies to three-carat diamonds, too. 

So, that’s something to keep in mind before we get to the actual numbers. 

Even more so, you’ll find that prices can even differ between two jewelry stores because they’re getting their diamonds from different dealers. That is why we advise people to compare prices and do their research before purchasing a diamond. 

Now, let’s talk about the actual prices: There is a range in which you should expect your price tag hanging off of a 3-carat diamond to be – and that range is somewhere between $19,000 and $95,000. That is quite a range – and we’re aware of that. But there’s a reason why such a gap is left. 

The price of a 3-carat round brilliant-cut diamond may be closer to $95,000 – while the price for an Emerald-cut diamond with an identical 3-carat weight may be closer to $20,000. Now, this might seem confusing since we’ve mentioned that the Emerald cut is more suitable for 3ct diamonds. But that’s not the reason behind the price difference. 

The process of cutting is more expensive when it comes to round brilliant-cut diamonds. That is why there’s a dramatic difference in price.

You can expect to bring down the price of your desired three-carat diamonds by choosing a less expensive option when it comes to cut or clarity – but that’s something that’s different from buyer to buyer.

Since cut plays a role in the diamond’s price, you can essentially pick and choose to find a gem with a particular cut – and, hopefully, stay within a “reasonable budget” for a 3-carat diamond.

Best Setting For 3-Carat Diamonds

Settings are crucial when it comes to diamonds – especially three-carat diamonds. Why? Well, not every setting and every piece of jewelry is made to look amazing with a stone of that size and weight.

Diamonds as big as these aren’t usually embedded into earrings and other smaller jewelry and are most often found in rings, necklaces with central pieces, and other larger pieces. 

Think about it – it makes perfect sense: You want a massive setting that can withstand 3ct diamonds – and look good doing it.

With that said, let’s look at the best settings for 3-carat diamonds and then discuss them later:

  • Tulip setting
  • Pave setting
  • Halo setting

All three of these wonderful settings work amazing when it comes to 3-carat diamonds that are found in rings – well, mostly, anyway. But to fully understand what makes these specific settings stand out, we’ll have to view each one as a different story.

The Tulip Setting

The so-called Tulip setting is among the most classic and elegant diamond settings out there – old-fashioned and chic at the same time while maintaining a low profile and letting the diamond do “all the talking.”

It looks like a regular four-prong solitaire, but if viewed from the side, the prongs look like actual flower petals – which gives it a unique, subtle charm.

Pave Setting

The pave setting is also one of the classics. Smaller diamonds phenomenally complement the bigger stone that acts as the “main piece” – and a three-carat diamond is nothing if not the star of the show.

Three-carat diamonds in pave settings are emphasized more due to all the smaller stones that surround them. If you want all eyes on your 3ct diamond but don’t like solitaires, this setting is the way to go.

If the pave setting is good for anything, it’s drawing attention to the diamond with its immense shine and sparkle. 

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Halo Setting

The so-called halo setting and the pave setting may appear rather similar in the sense that they both put emphasis on the main piece – or, in this case, your 3ct diamond – while complementing it by using smaller diamonds around it.

The halo setting, however, uses smaller diamonds that surround the center stone’s base rather than creating a “pavement” of stones along the band. 

It’s perfect for those who are ready to try something new and explore an alternative to the Pave setting. So, if that sounds like you, go for the halo setting; you won’t regret it when you see that stunning sparkle!

Final Thoughts

When discussing a diamond as big as a three-carat one, there’s a lot to take into consideration. Careful choosing of the setting and the cut can make a world of difference – and that’s why a 3ct diamond isn’t something you just go and buy on a whim. 

A purchase of such a big diamond is something that requires a lot of thought and time, and it’s a process that should not be rushed. Take your time with this decision – even if it takes a lot longer than you might’ve expected.

Every big diamond needs a lot of attention before, during, and after the purchasing process, and you should remember that. And if you’ve invested time and effort into choosing a 3-carat (3ct) diamond for your loved one, we hope we helped in that process – or at least contributed to solidifying your decision.