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Is Black Diamond More Expensive Than Sapphire?

Is Black Diamond More Expensive Than Sapphire?

A lot of people prefer black gemstones due to their undeniable allure. There is something quite mysterious and intriguing about them, and that seems to attract attention. As a result, black diamonds and sapphires are both becoming increasingly popular and sought of.

If you want to add an extra touch of sophistication to your jewelry, opt for one of these two black gemstones too. The decision will not be easy, though. Both stones are precious and incredibly beautiful, so you’ll need to look into all the pros and cons of black sapphire vs. black diamond before you make your decision.

We’ll help you out by answering a few crucial questions, including: Is black diamond more expensive than sapphire? After all, knowing whether or not you can afford these gems is undoubtedly the most important dilemma to resolve. 

Let’s see where you stand.

Black Diamonds Defined

Colorless diamonds have always been in high demand. Considering how rare they are, it is only logical that they are deemed valuable.  As a result, people have appreciated the clear stones for their beauty and their investment potential. Colored diamonds, as well as black ones, were a bit overshadowed throughout history.

However, the popularity of colored and black diamonds has seen a significant rise in the 21st century. The surge in popularity is no surprise considering ingenious marketing tactics that endow black diamonds and sapphires with a new life. 

Consequently, these precious stones are not considered inferior anymore. Moreover, many famous expert designers incorporate them in their work, thus adding to the already widespread trend. 

The increasing demand for black stones adds to their value too. Therefore, many investors are not as conservative as they used to be and now recognize black diamonds as an exceptional investment opportunity. 

The more sought of the black diamonds become, the more expensive they get too. These rare, black beauties are finally acknowledged for their full potential. 

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Black Diamonds: FAQ

Why Are Black Diamonds Black?

  • Black diamonds, unlike their colorless relatives, contain graphite and amorphous carbon. For this reason, they are also referred to as also known as carbonados. The very presence of heavy amounts of graphite impurities in their composition makes these precious stones black. 

Are Black Diamonds Natural?

  • Yes, black diamonds are as natural as colorless ones. Yet, natural black diamonds are extremely rare, and the high demand for them has thus resulted in creating treated black diamonds. These diamonds are, as their name suggests, treated with heat to achieve black color.

Where Are Natural Black Diamonds Mostly Found?

  • Natural black diamonds are mainly found in Central Africa and Brazil.

How Much Do Black Diamonds Cost?

  • Value and rarity go hand in hand. Therefore, natural black diamonds are far more expensive than the treated ones. The treated stones have an average cost of $300 per carat. Natural black diamonds cost about $3000 per carat.

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Black Sapphires Defined

Even though black sapphires are considered as fancy as black diamonds, they are not nearly as prestigious. Compared to their diamond lookalikes, they are deemed second-rate gemstones. As a result, sapphires are of much lower value, which is good news for those who have to work on a low budget. You can have a black center stone for far less money!

Be careful not to confuse black sapphires with black star sapphires. Even though their names suggest they might be the same, these two gemstones are entirely different. 

Black star sapphire is a variety of the so-called “star sapphires.” Star sapphires owe their picturesque name because their crystal structures reflect light in the shape of a star.

Black sapphires are mostly mined in Australia, while black star sapphires can be found in different parts of the world, such as Thailand, West Africa, and India. Star sapphires are generally rarer stones, reflecting on their price and bringing us to the most important difference between these two black beauties. 

While black sapphire is on the lower end of the price range, black star sapphires can cost a small fortune. Namely, they are arbitrary gemstones that can cost thousands of dollars. 

Black Sapphires: FAQ

Why Are Black Sapphires Black?

  • The black color of black sapphires comes from the corundum that it is made of. Corundum is an extremely hard mineral. It is a crystalline form of aluminum oxide that comes in many vivid colors (blue, green, pink, yellow) and black. 

Are Black Sapphires Natural Gemstones?

  • Yes, black sapphires are natural stones, and unlike black diamonds, they are found in abundant quantities.

Where Are Natural Black Sapphires Mostly Found?

  • Most black sapphires originate from Australia.

How Much Do Black Sapphires Cost?

  • The good news is that black sapphires are pretty cheap, especially compared to black diamonds. They cost only $40 per carat.

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Black Diamond vs. Black Sapphire 


Both diamonds and sapphires are highly durable gemstones. Black diamonds have a compact composition that ranks them at ten on the Mohs scale. In fact, they are the toughest of all diamond varieties. 

Black sapphires have excellent durability as well – ranked #9 on the Mohs scale. Their durability and wearability excel most other gemstones (except the actual diamonds, of course). Not brittle nor prone to breakage, they are pretty safe. 

Of course, even though black diamonds and black sapphires both rank high on the Mohs scale, they are not indestructible. They can resist scratching quite well, and that is it; they are not resistant to all types of exposure.


Both diamonds and sapphires are trendy gemstones for use in jewelry, greatly due to their appearance. Black diamonds have a color that is graded as Fancy Black. Not all of them are the same, though – their color can range from faint gray to solid black.

The most popular ones are those that are evenly saturated. Their attractiveness comes from them being quite lustrous. Most black diamonds are thus faceted to maximize that effect. 

Black sapphires are much like onyx stones – which means they are more-less solid black and absorb the light that touches them. They cannot be described as lustrous due to this very fact – they do not reflect any light. Nevertheless, they are often faceted as well or cut en cabochon.

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We have already discussed the price of both of these stones, so we’ll keep this section super brief. Black diamonds are very pricey, and you’ll need to pay around $3000 per carat, or even more than that if you want to own one. 

On the other hand, black sapphires are highly affordable and will not set you back thousands of dollars. They cost only $40 per carat and are an ideal purchase for low-budget jewelry shoppers.

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We have already established that both black diamonds and black sapphires are highly durable gemstones. As such, both are more than suitable for daily wear as well. They require minimal maintenance to last for a long, long time.

What do you need to do when your black gemstones require cleaning?

First of all, soak them in some warm water and a little bit of mild detergent. Leave the gemstones for about ten minutes and then take them out and clean them with a soft brush. 

The suggested routine is a good start, but if you are not as successful as you have hoped to be, best take your jewelry to a professional jeweler. Diamonds and sapphires can have inclusions and incipient cleaves that often have unfortunate reactions to mechanical cleaning, so best leave it to the professionals.

Perfect Settings

The beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Therefore, even though most jewelers choose to contrast the black color of these gemstones with white metal settings, you can choose yellow or rose gold as well. 

Generally, white gold secures a more modern feel, while yellow and rose gold provide a softer vintage touch. It goes without saying that you should choose the setting to your taste.

Synthetic Versions

Natural black diamonds come with a pretty high price tag attached to them. For this reason, many of the black diamonds you can find in jewelry stores are made by heat-treating colorless diamonds of lesser quality. 

There are 100% manufactured synthetic black diamonds too. Buying them is a guaranteed win-win situation since they are far less expensive than natural stones while almost precisely the same-looking.

Due to the lower price and higher availability of black sapphires, there are no synthetic versions of these gemstones. On the other hand, it is very common for them to be heat-treated to enhance their color. 

Weighing Down All the Pros & Cons: Should You Buy a Black Diamond or a Black Sapphire?

If you like your gemstones black, both black diamonds and back sapphires are to your taste Both have numerous advantages as well. So, how should you decide?

If you are on a low budget, the choice is quite simple – you are obliged to choose the one you can afford. In this case, black sapphires are far more affordable than black diamonds, so the choice falls on them. 

If your budget is not limited, you can simply choose the gemstone you like more. A black diamond offers greater depth and brilliance, while sapphires are more opaque. The former is also considered more prestigious.

Finally, people who like black onyx but want a more durable gemstone should opt for a black sapphire. These two gemstones are almost identical, apart from the fact that black sapphires exceed in durability. 

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In short: both black diamonds and black sapphires will look beautiful on your jewelry and on you, so choose the one you prefer and can afford! 

Where Can You Buy Black Sapphires or Black Diamonds?

Once you decide which gemstone to choose, you need to find the one you like. It can be quite a chore to locate black gems in most brick-and-mortar stores. Even if you are lucky enough to find such jewelry, you will surely not have many options to choose from.

Why is that so? 

Jewelers generally avoid stocking up on jewelry designed with colored stones. Black gemstones are no exception to this unwritten rule. Even though it is rather popular, black is not a typical color of jewelry, and you should best turn to the internet if you want a chance of finding a beautiful piece that will tick all your boxes. If you do not want to compromise, go online for endless options!

Final Words

Both black diamonds and black sapphires are exceedingly beautiful gemstones. Both are very popular as well. There is not much difference when it comes to the durability of these two, either. So what is the difference?

The main difference between black diamonds and black sapphires can be contained in only one word: prestige. Namely, black diamonds are far rarer and thus much more expensive than black sapphires. They offer superb brilliance as well. 

Consequently, when choosing which of these two gemstones to buy, the first thing you need to consider is your budget. If that is not an issue, then simply choose the one you like best!

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