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What Do Diamond Shapes Symbolize?

What Do Diamond Shapes Symbolize?

Whenever people go on a shopping spree for diamond jewelry, they usually aim to find either round-shaped or princess-cut diamonds, as they offer the highest level of sparkling and shining.

But did you know that every diamond shape has a unique and special meaning?

Before you begin your shopping spree, we highly recommend that you learn a thing or two about what do diamond shapes symbolize.

What’s the best diamond shape for romantic people? Are there any diamond shapes that are suited for people that are hard-working and enduring? Can you tell if a person is honest just by examining the diamond shape of their wedding ring?

Coincidentally, every diamond shape holds a story of its own. Because of that, you need to be patient when choosing the right diamond shape for you, as choosing an incorrect one might prove detrimental in the long run.

Are you interested in learning more about this topic? Stay tuned until the very end of the article!


Being the most popular diamond shape, it shouldn’t be surprising that round-shape diamonds are listed as number one. Regardless of their reasons, most individuals around the globe aim to purchase round-shaped diamonds when looking for a good gift.

But what if we told you that people aren’t just mindlessly attracted to round-shaped diamonds?

Round-cut diamonds are defined as gems that embody the terms eternity and love. With that in mind, it should be apparent why most individuals buy these diamonds – as they signify love and its eternal state, this is by far the most desired diamond shape.

Because of that, we highly recommend this diamond shape to everyone who follows a more traditional and established way of life. Though you should be wary of the following: people that wear this diamond shape tend not to be spontaneous, so do your best to stay true to them.

They tend to be team players that follow the code of honesty to the grave. Be kind and don’t exploit their honest hearts!

Did someone mention hearts?


Regardless of their whereabouts, people from nearly all cultures define hearts similarly. Some tend to emphasize spiritual meanings, others are more inclined to the emotional ones, but the point remains the same – hearts are the primary embodiment of romance.

With that in mind, heart-shaped diamonds are regarded as the symbol of love and passion. It’s not easy to wear these diamond shapes, as the wearers must firmly believe in symmetry and proportionality.

But, the premise contradicts itself in some cases, as romantic relationships don’t necessarily end well for both parties. Because of that, putting the terms proportionality and romance is contradictory.

So, when you encounter a person wearing heart-cut diamonds, be sure to pay your respects, as it’s not an easy feat to balance those two meanings, which can be defined as oil and water.

In addition, people that wear heart-shaped diamonds are said to be loyal, emotional, and sentimental, tending to love everything and everyone, small and big.

They usually find themselves on the receiving end of both love and pain, as they aren’t scared of showing off their true self, even if that might backfire in some shape or form.


Most people nowadays grow into extroverts, relying primarily on their communication skills to acquire lots of new friends and more favorable deals at work.

However, not all individuals are born with such skills. Because of that, they need to find a different approach to expressing themselves, which can be pretty intricate for introverts to accomplish.

They tend to follow their artistic dreams, hoping to become famous by using their hands and minds to create new and unique things. The oval-cut diamonds are the personification of those people, offering those sophisticated and individualistic traits.

People wearing oval-shaped diamonds are regarded as elegant and creative, brave enough to face any obstacles but bright enough to know their limitations.

They carry a daring aura that’s hard to mimic and match. So, when you encounter a person wearing oval-cut diamonds, remember to acknowledge their patience and determination, as they undeniably work hard and stay true to their craft!


Closely related to the oval-cut, Asscher-cut diamonds are most recognizable for being one of the most stylish cuts, offering a unique geometric pattern of the facets that stand out, regardless of how little light is present.

They offer a nice balance between the antique and modern elements, making this shape one of the universal choices of all people. It’s most frequently worn by women that prefer wearing vintage-style clothes.

The most apparent traits of women wearing these diamonds are their confidence and feminine side. They have an unflinching character that can’t be persuaded easily by people with ill intentions.

On the other hand, women that wear Asscher-cut diamond rings tend to be a bit dramatic, which can prove detrimental when their spouse fails to meet her expectations, resulting in arguments that might take a while to resolve.

So, if you find yourself in an argument with a woman – there’s a strong possibility that she’s wearing Asscher-cut diamonds. Carefully choose your wedding ring!


Before people start searching for jewelry embedded with diamonds, they usually try to inform themselves about which diamond-cut sparkles the most. Sooner or later, they all stumble upon the radiant-cut diamonds, as they offer extraordinary levels of sparkle.

With their flat-beveled corners, the radiant-cut diamonds are one of the rarest diamond shapes, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise why they sparkle so nicely. Because of that, it’s pretty challenging to find people wearing them, as they bear a heavy price tag.

But, if you encounter someone wearing radiant-shaped diamonds, remember that those individuals are confident and modern, usually not afraid to take on risks.

Furthermore, these people tend to follow the latest fashion trends, always wearing the newest and most expensive brands currently available on the market.

Adult people rarely wear radiant-cut diamonds. Some people believe that this diamond shape is only reserved for modern-type people that tend to stand out in public.


Firmly occupying the second most popular diamond shape – the princess-cut diamonds are only rivaled in popularity by round-shaped diamonds. It’s not difficult to process why – they are modern and elegant and offer excellent brilliance and sparkle.

Like the radiant-cut, the princess-cut diamonds boast modernity and reliability, which is most frequently found with people drawn to take risks. They have a strong desire to stand out, always searching for new challenges to overcome.

These people usually accomplish their goals individually but won’t hesitate to lead others if necessary. They are strong and reliable leaders that put the needs of others above theirs, always wishing to fulfill the grand goal.

On the other hand, people who wear princess-shaped diamonds tend to be spontaneous, usually when they are with their friends, enjoying a nice meal, or out in the city, looking for a party.

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Marquise-Shaped Cut

People usually mistake marquise-shaped diamonds with oval-cut ones, as they closely resemble one another. But, upon closer inspection, it’s pretty evident that marquise-shaped diamonds have sharper edges, contrary to the more refined oval-cut diamonds.

Because of their sharp edges, marquise-cut diamonds draw lots of attention, regardless of where they are placed. These diamonds will inevitably stand out, be it rings, necklaces, earrings, or even bracelets.

People usually wear them on their rings, as they look larger than they are. We can thank their elongated shape for that. Furthermore, due to their elongated shape, women that wear marquise-shaped diamond rings can trick the people around them into thinking that their fingers look slenderer.

The main traits found in people wearing marquise-shaped diamonds are their creativity and theatrical tendencies. Living under a constant spotlight is their primary desire, and it’s usually fulfilled due to their tendency to take any risk necessary to acquire it.


Sometimes, women wear large diamond rings and are forced to live in their shadow.

There’s an old saying: women that don’t know how to wear a diamond properly usually find themselves allowing the diamond to wear them. But, women that wear emerald-cut diamond rings usually escape this fate, as they are relentless and confident.

As soon as they appear somewhere, they are immediately in the center of attention, boasting an elegant and sophisticated look. Like magnets, people are drawn to them, always seeking to get closer to them.

But, they usually hide a gentle and warm heart exclusive to only a select few individuals she can trust. So, if you encounter a woman wearing an emerald-cut diamond ring – be sure to remember that you are the one that needs to be chosen, not the other way around!

Furthermore, these women are honest to the bone, so you won’t need to worry about their intentions. They are pure-hearted and will never let you down, regardless of the circumstances.


In the past, diamond-making experts found a hidden potential by mixing the cutting process between the round-cut and princess-cut diamonds. As a result, they were successful in making a new shape – the cushion-cut diamond.

The cushion cut is one of the oldest diamond shapes and has a long history under its wings. It offers an exceptional blend of the old and new era, so people that wear cushion-cut diamonds are usually strongly related to tradition and simplicity.

They find immeasurable joy when discovering new things and are not afraid to take on any challenges that might present themselves. Furthermore, they embrace both the present and the future at the same time.

Individuals that wear cushion-shaped diamonds are dependable team players that work hard for the people around them. So, be grateful if you are closely related to someone that wears this diamond cut, as they will never abandon you, regardless of how dire the situation might get!


Lastly, we have pear-cut diamonds – a cut that strongly resembles marquise-shaped diamonds.

But, once you take a closer look at them, you will immediately notice that one of their ends is more rounded than sharp, hence the pear name. The pear-cut is excellent for all settings, as they are highly versatile.

People that wear this diamond cut are usually romantic and devoted. The pear-cut diamond sets a high standard for all people wearing them, so individuals brave enough to venture that path of wearing this cut need to be courageous enough to meet those high standards.

So, if you have the privilege of encountering an individual wearing pear-cut diamonds, try to be respectful of their wishes, as they will never bear any ill intent towards you or those that are dear to you.

What Do Diamond Shapes Symbolize? – A Quick Summary

As we approach the imminent ending of this article, we will take a quick second look at the critical elements of today’s topic, “what do diamond shapes symbolize”:

Before you purchase a diamond ring for your future spouse, it’s vital to find a compatible diamond shape that symbolizes the same traits as that person.

We highly recommend a round diamond ring if the person in question is honest and caring. On the other hand, if the person has an individualistic way of life, then the oval-cut diamond would be the perfect gift.

All diamond shapes have several hidden meanings, so choose one wisely!

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