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Are Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Diamonds Fake?

Are Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Diamonds Fake?

Regardless of the location that we live in, all people close to us will have some knowledge of diamonds, as it’s the most well-known stone that exists on our planet. Diamonds can be used for all sorts of things. Still, the most common thing that diamonds are used for is to shine brightly on our jewelry.

Coincidently, diamonds aren’t the only precious stones that are used for making jewelry, as there are others that can mimic, to some extent, the brightness of diamonds. One example is cubic zirconia diamonds, and people wish to know, “Are cubic zirconia (CZ) diamonds fake?”.

Despite what some people think, cubic zirconia diamonds are, in fact, fake and quite distant from natural or real diamonds!

How is that possible? Why aren’t cubic zirconia diamonds real? Just because cubic zirconia diamonds cost considerably less than natural diamonds doesn’t mean they aren’t real, doesn’t it? How easy is it to scam an average person when we offer them a diamond that’s fake?

Regrettably, most people don’t possess the necessary knowledge on the topic at hand, and because of that, they get easily tricked into thinking that cubic zirconia diamonds are real.

Starting from today, you’ll learn the difference between cubic zirconia diamonds and their real counterparts!

What Makes Diamonds So Expensive?

Unfortunately, we are currently living in a society that’s constantly seeking new and more advanced ways to impress others that aren’t connected to us whatsoever. Because of that, most people tend to represent themselves by using various cosmetic interventions.

Those who aren’t particularly thrilled to have their bodies changed in any way imaginable usually track down other ways to help them be more recognizable. One of the primary tools that all people choose to supplement their lack of physical traits is to wear all types of jewelry.

This thought process dates even before our modern era – people who belonged to the upper class wore all kinds of jewelry. It was essential to physically represent their power and status whenever possible to the ordinary people who lived in their era.

In order to succeed in that task, wearing jewelry was an essential part of their lives, as they couldn’t even imagine walking outside without wearing some. You might wonder what type of jewelry the “royals” wore in the past.

As far as we know, and we can all agree that historical facts are, in fact, true; people that were wealthy used to wear jewelry that was primarily made from precious metals and gems. Today, the most popular choice for all people is to wear jewelry made from gold and diamonds.

As soon as we step outside and start to walk around our neighborhood, we will, undoubtedly, notice someone wearing some type of jewelry. The most common types of accessories are wrist-watches, necklaces, earrings, and rings.

Most adults are familiar with the accessories listed above, as they are an irresistible asset for all humans in the business world. Just try to look around your workplace and focus on your colleagues’ overall appearance – there won’t be a single case where someone isn’t wearing jewelry!

Is There An Alternative To Diamonds?

We can all agree that the vast majority of us would like to possess jewelry made from precious materials such as diamonds and gold. Unfortunately, not all of us have the financial ability to afford expensive jewelry leisurely.

Because of that, people usually tend to buy jewelry that’s made from other metals, and the most common type of metal that people seek is silver. But what about precious stones? Which gem is available for people with normal living standards that want to wear jewelry?

Oddly enough, there’s a precious stone that quite resembles diamonds and is quite affordable, even if we don’t possess lots of money. With the introduction of cubic zirconia diamonds or, shortly, CZ diamonds, we’re finally able to afford any type of jewelry that’s embedded with those stones!

With that in mind, are cubic zirconia diamonds regarded as real or fake diamonds, and how close are they to diamonds that we’re all used on? Before we give you a definitive answer, we need to explain several things to all of you that have chosen to continue this far.

In order to understand what cubic zirconia diamonds are, you need to have the ability to decipher which diamonds are natural and which are artificially made. With that in mind, let’s dive into the topic at hand!

We Need To Be Vary Of Scammers!

A common occurrence is that people that aren’t exceptionally rich tend to purchase jewelry that isn’t embedded with precious stones like diamonds. This is true in most cases, but when men decide that it’s the right time to propose to their beloved spouse, they usually seek golden rings with a diamond on the top.

The protocol for buying jewelry goes as follows:

Men in love begin to visit all jewelry shops in their city, seeking the ideal ring embedded with a diamond. It can be a gruesome task sometimes, as there are men who don’t possess the necessary knowledge of jewelry, so it’s boring for them!

As soon as they find a jewelry shop that offers the ideal ring, men usually don’t think twice and decide to buy it immediately, as they believe that that particular ring won’t be for sale tomorrow or the next day.

That’s a common misconception as jewelry shops offer us a deal to save a desired piece of jewelry that we wish to purchase, but not immediately. We can simply ask them to save us a specific ring for later, and they are obligated to do that for us.

As soon as a man decides to buy a ring, he will begin to plan out a dinner date with his beloved spouse, and we all know what happens in the aftermath.

After some time, there might be a situation in which our beloved wives begin to show their new and shiny diamond ring, as they are thrilled that they are engaged from now on. The unfortunate part of the story comes when someone with basic knowledge of jewelry takes a close look at the new ring.

All types of scams are an unavoidable part of our lives, as they happen every single day. Whether we find ourselves in a market, shopping mall, or at work, there will come a day when we will notice someone doing an illegal act.

When it comes to jewelry, the most common form of a scam is to offer a ring made from gold and diamonds when in fact, that same ring is made from other materials. This kind of deviant behavior was even present in the past, as people with malicious intent did their best to scam other people to survive.

An average human being cannot notice a difference between a real and a fake diamond, not because it’s complicated, but rather because they don’t pay close attention to the simplest things.

The most common replica of natural diamonds is cubic zirconia diamonds, artificially made in laboratories by experts in chemistry. It’s quite an easy task to make them, as long as you possess the necessary knowledge in chemistry.

Did we mention that cubic zirconia diamonds can be created with extremely low funds? That’s why people with less money usually tend to buy cubic zirconia diamonds, as they remarkably resemble their natural counterparts.

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Learn To Spot The Difference Between “CZ” Diamonds And Real Diamonds!

Let us give you a word of advice; whenever you find yourself wanting to buy some jewelry that’s embedded with diamonds, ask the jeweler to offer you a document that proves the legitimacy of those diamonds.

You see, all real diamonds that are found in the wilderness are carefully observed by experts that are responsible for keeping all tabs on that particular piece of diamond. The document should have information on the exact origin of that diamond, when it was found, and who dig it up.

If you’re offered a document that doesn’t contain even one of the pieces of information that we’ve listed above, the chances of you buying a real diamond are rather slim. To be more precise, you will most likely be offered a cubic zirconia diamond.

From the stuff that we’ve mentioned before, it’s pretty apparent that cubic zirconia diamonds are not real diamonds, and they could never become one. No matter how hard we hope that they might become real one day, that day will never come.

Luckily for you, we will offer you a great tip that you can use whenever you aren’t confident that you’re getting a natural diamond while purchasing one. The trick that we will list below is legitimate, and you’ll have the ability to perform it regardless of the circumstance at hand.

Learn More:

Diamond Testers

Science and technology have advanced so much in the last few decades that we are able to accomplish most things that were unimaginable to humans that lived in the previous decade. Whether it’s long-distance communication or fast travel, all of that stuff is at our disposal.

For the jewelry industry, the device that had the most impact on figuring out what is and what isn’t a real diamond is, without question, a diamond tester. There just isn’t a single device that’s able to come close to this invention, as it offers a quick and precise analysis of a gem that’s in our hand.

Diamond testers aren’t that expensive, and we believe that every single person should have one close to them in order to determine whether a diamond is real or not. The concept of a diamond tester is relatively easy, and it functions rather straightforward:

We can either buy a cheap or an expensive diamond tester. Both devices offer us the same thing, but the expensive ones will have a more precise answer if the diamond currently being tested is real or fake.

As soon as you buy a diamond tester, you can simply unbox it and begin to use it if it has a battery inside. If by some chance, your diamond tester doesn’t come with a battery – you can simply buy one in one of your nearby tool shops.

When you assemble your diamond tester, just turn it on and grab it with one of your hands, preferably the more dominant one, as you’ll hold a diamond in the other. Get the diamond that you wish to test and bring it close to the tip of the diamond tester.

If the diamond tester responds negatively, you’ll most likely have a cubic zirconia diamond in your hand instead of a real diamond. The answer is based on the number of lamps that start to shine after you bring the diamond close to the tip of the tester.

A real and legitimate diamond will force the diamond tester to shine to the max, lighting up all the lamps that exist on the tester. On the other hand, fake or cubic zirconia diamonds might force the tester to light two to four lights, but never more than that.

Don’t let yourself be fooled when you decide to purchase a diamond necklace or ring; ask the jeweler to test the legitimacy of the diamond by using a diamond tester! Cubic zirconia diamonds are used to scam people throughout the world – be prepared on time to prevent that!


Diamonds came into existence long before we did, and because of that, we should all take a moment and learn to appreciate them more than we previously did! As a precious stone that has only a limited number of objects that rival its price, we can all agree that it will remain a staple of wealth for a long time.

Some people try to bypass the high price of diamonds by buying cubic zirconia diamonds, and that just begs the question: are cubic zirconia (CZ) diamonds fake? There shouldn’t be any misconception regarding the topic at hand, as cubic zirconia diamonds are fake.

Scientists did their best to try and mimic the overall look and composition of diamonds, and in order to accomplish that, they made cubic zirconia diamonds. They might look similar, heck, even identical, but they are indeed distant from one another.

We shouldn’t allow ourselves to get scammed when dealing with diamonds, so it’s in our best interest to recommend that all of you start using diamond testers. They can successfully analyze any diamond and tell if it is a cubic zirconia diamond or a real diamond.

Stay awake, and don’t buy a cubic zirconia diamond thinking that it’s a real deal!