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Can A Hammer Destroy A Diamond?

Can A Hammer Destroy A Diamond?

Whenever we think about potentially proposing to our future wives, we always think about where and how to buy the perfect diamond ring. We like to recommend our clients to trust in their guts and follow their instincts when choosing a diamond ring!

Coincidentally, some people tend to think about how diamonds are shaped to a degree of perfection and how people accomplish that. People associate hammers with diamonds, and that is precisely the origin of the question “Can a hammer destroy a diamond?”.

Most people aren’t aware of this, but it’s possible to destroy a diamond with a hammer, but only if that hammer is durable enough.

What does that mean? What type of hammer do we need to use in order to break a diamond into tiny pieces? How hard is it to destroy a diamond with a hammer? Are there any differences between hitting a real and a fake diamond with a hammer?

Fear not – all of your questions and many more will be answered as soon as you start reading this article. There are some additional facts about diamonds that will interest you, so keep on reading and expand your knowledge on diamonds; it’s worth it!

Diamonds Are Hard, But Not As Hard As You Might Think!

We all thought, at some point in our lives, that diamonds are, in fact, indestructible. A relatively common misconception, don’t you agree? Well, oddly enough, all kinds of diamonds can be destroyed into tiny pieces if you know how to do that!

Just like with all things that came to existence from natural causes, we can virtually destroy anything that comes up in our minds by using force in a correct way. Anyone can destroy a diamond as long as that particular individual possesses the necessary knowledge on the matter of hand.

Diamonds are rare gems that can be found in the depths of our earth, but only in a few specific places that meet the overall criteria for “creating diamonds.” All of those regions are heavily guarded and controlled – no one can enter there without official permission.

In most cases, when an object is rare, the price for us to obtain that same object will have a fee according to the rareness. Diamonds aren’t exempt from this rule, as their price is relatively high for the average human.

We tend to associate diamonds only with certain types of jewelry, with rings and earrings being the most common ones. It’s pretty easy to understand why, as when we meet someone for the first time, we tend to look at their face and hands, instinctively searching for something distinctive and unique.

We can all agree that there are only a few things that can come close to diamonds, but all of that depends on the preferences of those people. All precious stones have unique characteristics that make them beautiful, but only a handful can shine as bright as diamonds.

Because of that, people tend to search and buy diamonds when they think about having some kind of jewelry on their bodies. Heck, the first thing that all men think about is buying a nice diamond ring before proposing to their beloved spouse.

When we search for the perfect diamond in the jewelry shop, we need to pay close attention and ask about the exact origin of that specific diamond that interests us. All real diamonds need to have a concrete history list that defines their origin and why they are priced at that particular price.

But why are the things mentioned above important when thinking about the relationship between diamonds and hammers? You see, for you to ask yourself can you break a diamond with a hammer, you need to know exactly which type of diamond is currently in your possession.

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Real And Fake Diamonds

Before we begin to discuss how to break a diamond with a hammer, we need first to explain the difference between real and fake diamonds. Interestingly enough, every diamond that was created artificially is regarded as a fake diamond.

Scientists have found a way to produce diamonds independently, using special materials and machines located in laboratories specifically meant for making diamonds. Those diamonds are nearly perfect when comparing them to real diamonds but still lack some attributes that define them as “fake.”

On the other hand, real diamonds can only be obtained by finding them and digging them from the very depths of our earth. That process is rather tiresome and hard for most people, so finding diamonds is only possible for certain people who have the necessary knowledge for that specific job.

Explaining how to find and dig up diamonds is complex, and we will leave that for some other time. For now, we will continue to explain why it is important to know the difference between a real and a fake diamond.

You see, both real and fake diamonds are tough, capable of withstanding most forms of pressure, and will maintain the same look even after you attempt to hit it with a hammer. 

Although artificial diamonds are durable, they pale in comparison to the hardness of genuine diamonds found in the wilderness. Natural diamonds are more durable when comparing them to their fake counterparts and will withstand more pressure than fake diamonds.

When you attempt to break a diamond with a hammer, the result depends on the type of hammer and the surface you put your diamond on. From this point onward, we will only discuss natural diamonds, as that’s why all of you came to this article, searching for the answer!

Depending On The Type Of Surface, You Might Not Destroy A Diamond

We’re all familiar with the numerous types of surfaces that exist in this world. Most of them are man-made, and they can’t be found in the wild because of that. Look at it like this; nearly anything that you can step on and not lose your balance on is some form of a surface.

When people attempt to destroy a diamond, they need to realize that they need to put that diamond on a hard surface, capable of withstanding any type of force or pressure that they might apply to it.

We need to make sure that we put the diamonds on a solid surface, and that usually means putting them on a plate that’s made out of steel, at least. If the steel is solid and well-made, it will withstand any force applied to it by a human hand using any type of hammer.

With that in mind, don’t even attempt to destroy a diamond using a hammer if you plan on placing that same diamond on a soft surface. 

What Would Happen If You Hit A Diamond With A Hammer?

Stuff that is similar to wood will only work against you, as the diamond will simply penetrate that kind of surface with ease when you attempt to break a diamond with a hammer. Forget about doing that and simply put a steel plate under the diamond before you try to destroy it.

You might wonder why someone would even consider breaking a diamond with a hammer. We can all agree that that is, undoubtedly, one of the most important questions when discussing this exact topic.

You see, when diamonds are found in the depths of the earth, they aren’t particularly “soft to the touch.” Because of that, people will always do their best to manipulate the shape of the diamonds, correcting any sharp and unappealing edges that might exist on those diamonds.

To ensure that we get the best and prettiest diamonds from our jeweler, people do their best to modify the look of the diamonds by correcting their attributes. First things first, they need to break the diamond into tiny pieces, and to do that, people use a hammer.

But what type of hammer can be used to destroy diamonds? Let’s find out!

Wooden Hammer

It’s pretty easy to obtain a wooden hammer, regardless of your location – just simply head to your local tool shop, and there will be all sorts of wooden hammers. People usually use wooden hammers to penetrate something with nails or other small but sharp objects.

But what happens if you attempt to destroy a diamond by using a wooden hammer? You see, this particular topic is quite frequently talked about within the community of diamond-enthusiasts, as some people have a tendency to play with their diamonds.

To all of you reading this article, we would like to address two things:

  1. We urge you never to attempt to destroy your diamonds with a hammer. By breaking your diamond into small pieces, you will alter your diamond’s overall price and cost, which will make it less valuable. Keep your diamonds away from your hammers!
  2. Attempting to break a diamond with a hammer is quite easy to do for all experienced individuals, but all of you that don’t have the knowledge on that shouldn’t attempt to do it. You might injure yourself by trying to break a diamond, and you wouldn’t want that, wouldn’t you?

We can continue explaining what will happen to the diamond hit by a wooden hammer with those two things in the back. If you attempt to do that, you might be shocked when you see the result.

In most cases, the diamond won’t sustain any damage whatsoever and will simply remain in the same place. Coincidentally, if you’re lucky enough, you might witness a diamond simply penetrating the surface of the hammer, ultimately rendering the hammer useless for further usage.

Hammer Made Of Steel

This is where we stumble upon the bread and butter of the story. Just like with a hammer made from only wood, we can buy all sorts of steel hammers just by simply heading to our local tool shop. Steel hammers are more expensive than wood ones; keep that in mind when you bring the wallet with you!

Let’s cut straight to the case; if you attempt to destroy a diamond by hitting it with a hammer made of steel, the chances are that you’ll alter its shape in some form. 

You see, a steel hammer will damage any object if you swing it on that exact thing with enough force. Interestingly enough, diamonds aren’t exempt from this rule; a steel hammer will alter the shape of the diamond if we attempt to hit one.

Depending on the force of the hammer that we swing directly on the diamond, the damage will manifest accordingly to the force of that swing. If you hit a diamond with a hammer made from steel as gently as possible, the chances are that nothing wrong will happen.

The tricky part manifests when we attempt to use our full strength when we swing a steel hammer directly on a diamond. Depending on your overall physical predisposition, you’ll either crack the diamond from the inside or destroy it entirely into tiny pieces.

Any type of hammer that has the same properties as steel will most likely do the same damage on a diamond, as long as you put the diamond on a flat and solid surface and swing with enough force to alter its shape. If you attempt to break a diamond, you’re doing it at your own risk!

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So, Can You Break A Diamond With A Hammer?

Most people have a tough time acknowledging that diamonds are indeed breakable, and to be fair, it’s pretty easy to perform that feat! As long as you know exactly how it’s done, there won’t be any issues when attempting to break a diamond.

But, can a hammer destroy a diamond is the million-dollar question this time around. Without a doubt, it’s possible to destroy a diamond with a hammer, but only after specific requirements are met:

  • The hammer needs to withstand the hardness of the diamonds and not shatter entirely upon contact with that precious stone.
  • Never attempt to destroy a diamond using a wooden hammer; as a result, it will most likely be negative. The diamond will remain intact, and it might penetrate the wooden hammer, rendering it useless for further usage.
  • In order to destroy a diamond with a hammer, the hammer needs to be made of steel, as steel possesses the necessary ability to damage the diamond without damaging the hammer itself.

Remember to put the diamond on a flat and solid surface, as attempting to break a diamond on a soft surface won’t be possible. Using a steel plate is the choice that we like to recommend!