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Are Real Diamonds Ever Set In 925 Silver?

Are Real Diamonds Ever Set In 925 Silver?

Whenever you decide to wear a piece of jewelry embedded with a diamond, you must remember that there are situations in which that diamond might get slightly displaced a bit from its original position.

On those occasions, you must have a piece of jewelry that’s made from solid and trustworthy materials, like gold and platinum. But, what about silver? Are real diamonds ever set in 925 silver?

We’ll be honest here: There are some occasions where people decide to set their diamonds in 925 silver.

Why are most people avoiding that? Isn’t silver as hard as gold and platinum? Even if it’s softer, why is it recommended to avoid mixing silver and diamonds? Although 925 silver was a solid attempt to bond silver and diamond, it wasn’t as successful as some people hoped it would be.

In this article, you’ll learn why you should avoid embedding diamonds in 925 silver and why you should consider visiting your local jeweler if you already possess diamonds embedded in 925 silver. 

Diamonds Are An Irresistible Asset!

Depending on your point of view, diamonds might not be as important as most people think. 

But, many people will try to prove you otherwise because – well, those are diamonds we’re talking about, after all. Who doesn’t like a piece of jewelry embedded with these precious stones, right?

When we say “jewelry,” we mainly think about pieces of jewelry that are embedded with diamonds. 

After all, we are in the diamond industry!

All jokes aside, for most people, diamonds are an irresistible asset to have. Diamonds are forever and all that jazz.

It might be odd to think that way. But, you need to realize that diamonds became a symbol of wealth pretty much instantly, from the first moment that they were discovered.

Most people nowadays live their days knowing that diamonds are one of the most valuable materials in the world. We agree with that statement, and how couldn’t we? 

Diamonds are listed in the top five most expensive natural materials.

If you’re interested to know more about where exactly diamonds are positioned on some of those lists – we got you covered: You can click on the link here, and you’ll learn more about that!

Back to the topic: Wherever you decide to go, you’ll notice someone wearing some kind of jewelry sooner or later. There’s a high chance that that piece of jewelry will be either a ring or a watch in most cases, but we found that it often depends on the person’s age.

Although not all people can leisurely afford to have jewelry embedded with diamonds, pretty much everyone wishes – secretly or not – that they could. It’s not that difficult to understand why: 

Buying diamonds isn’t accessible to the average Joe – a single-carat diamond usually costs $2000!

So, if you wish to buy one, you’ll need to save a lot of money. 

But, those that are fortunate enough to have the ability to afford diamonds will usually decide to treat themselves with jewelry embedded with diamonds.

As we previously mentioned, in most cases, those pieces of jewelry are either watches or rings. 

The watches are easy; if they work and look nice, you’re all set. The tricky part is usually deciding which ring – preferably embedded with diamonds – to buy.

After all, to even consider buying a diamond ring, we need to either be a man who desires to propose – or a woman who expects to be proposed.  

In either case, having a diamond ring will be a must sooner or later.

When the time comes to buy a ring that’s embedded with diamonds, it’s important to remember that not all diamonds are the same. 

Although they all look the same for the average individual, every gem has a unique appearance and set of characteristics that could never be minced.

Because of that, it gets challenging to find a perfect one that will ignite a flame in a woman’s heart. A flame that will persuade her to tell that phenomenal answer – Yes.

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All jokes aside, there are no two of a kind diamonds in this world. Every diamond has its own story. There’s only one thing that all diamonds share – and that’s the process of making, shaping, and rating a diamond.

Depending on how poorly you are informed about this whole process, the term 4 Cs of a diamond might not mean anything for you. If you don’t know what we are talking about – then it’s imperative to click on the link here!

Long story short: Before a jeweler can display a diamond in a jewelry shop, the diamond has to be certified. In most cases, for a diamond to be certified, it needs to have an excellent-quality color, clarity, cut, and an appropriate number of carats.

Only after it passes these tests, a diamond can be shown to the world. Here comes the tricky part: An average diamond will be embedded in jewelry that’s made from either gold or platinum.

What happens when you find a diamond ring that’s made from silver, though?

Diamonds Shouldn’t Be Mixed With 925 Silver

Before we begin to dissect the topic at hand, we need to talk about silver and, more specifically, what the term 925 means.

Whenever you decide to take a closer look at a piece of jewelry, you’ll inevitably locate an engraved sign somewhere on it. If we’re talking about a ring, then you’ll need to search on the inside of the band.

Stuff like necklaces and bracelets are following, in most cases, the same protocol as rings. If you’re looking for engravement, look on the inner side of jewelry. 

On the other hand, watches and earrings can be tricky when discussing the position of the engravement. For silver watches, you can try to look in the inner ring of the watch. But for earrings, it could be anywhere. 

One thing is sure: If you want to be sure that you possess jewelry that’s made from silver, grab a magnifying glass and start searching for the engravement.

Silver is most commonly labeled with a 925 or a 999 engravement. When we discuss the 925 silver, we are thinking about sterling silver. 

But, when it comes to 999 silver – then we are talking about pure silver.

It’s important to remember these things, as a couple of crucial things separate pure from sterling silver.

Let’s keep this short: Pure silver is defined by the name itself; it only contains silver. If you have a piece of silver that has a 999 mark, that means that you possess a piece of jewelry – or an ingot – that’s made with pure silver.

On the other hand, sterling silver is made when pure silver is mixed with different base alloys. That is most commonly done with copper.

You might ask yourself, why are people mixing silver with other materials? Isn’t that lowering the overall price and value of that silver?

Unsurprisingly, the answer is yes. When you decide to mix other materials with pure silver, that piece will immediately be less valuable when compared to the previous condition.

Although it might seem absurd to do that, there is a simple and logical thing that is accomplished with that: As soon as you mix pure silver with copper, it becomes more sturdy.

Why is that important?

When you’re in the diamond-making industry, you must have a quality-grade material at your disposal when trying to set a diamond in a piece of jewelry. 

In most cases, diamonds are only embedded in either gold or platinum.

That is because both gold and platinum are sturdy enough to keep the diamond in check whenever it’s targeted with any kind of pressure. 

The last sentence might be confusing, so picture it like this: If the diamond remains in its place at all times, then that means that you won’t lose it. We can all agree that it is pretty devastating when you realize that a diamond is missing from your piece of jewelry.

For that reason alone, diamonds are frequently embedded in jewelry pieces made from gold and platinum.

So, what about 925 silver?

Regardless of how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise, diamonds shouldn’t be mixed with any type of silver. In our minds, pure silver should never be considered as a good match with diamonds, as it’s too soft.

So, people tried to find a solution to that problem, and it came in the form of sterling silver. 

With a better base, sterling silver is harder than pure silver. But, in our modest opinion, it’s still not as hard as it should be when it comes to embedding diamonds.

Still, there are some cases where people do find a mix between silver and diamonds appealing. Is there an alternative for them?

If you’re one of them, here’s a quick tip.

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White Gold

If you have a wish to, for whatever reason, have a piece of silver jewelry that’s embedded with a diamond, then there’s a solution to that problem.

As it’s already established: Diamonds and 925 silver don’t bond particularly well. 

If you’re desperate to have a white-ish color piece of jewelry that’s embedded with diamonds, then you might want to consider white gold.

White gold is, appearance-wise, remarkably similar to the overall look of silver. 

Some people find the golden color not appealing. Because of that, they are usually searching for other materials that can fit that “silver-color” appearance.

If you’re one of them, we’d suggest you take a closer look at white gold, as it will satisfy your desire to bypass golden-color jewelry.

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Keep A Close Eye For Diamonds That Are Set In 925 Silver!

Regrettably, there are some cases where people have discovered their diamonds were embedded in sterling silver. Although that’s commonly accomplished with special favors from people closely connected with jewelers – there’s one alarming fact about that.

As we stated numerous times already – diamonds are rarely mixed with sterling silver. With a weak composition, silver can’t successfully hold other materials in place, especially natural diamonds.

With the introduction of artificial diamonds – well, you’re probably starting to figure out where this is heading. 

Whenever you find a silver ring that’s embedded with a diamond, there’s a high chance that that ring is embedded with a fake diamond.

When we say “fake diamond,” we primarily think about cubic zirconia rather than diamonds that are made artificially. 

These artificial diamonds are produced in special laboratories by experts that are highly versatile in chemistry. In a particular environment, it’s possible to craft artificial diamonds.

Long story short: Whenever you find a sterling silver ring that’s embedded with a diamond, you should immediately head to one of your local jewelry shops and ask the personnel there to check your diamond.

Try not to freak out, but: There’s a pretty good chance that the diamond tester will show that your gem is a fake.

People usually set fake diamonds – or cubic zirconia – in sterling silver, trying to copy and imitate the overall experience of a real diamond as closely as possible.

With that in mind, try to avoid those scams whenever you can. 

If a dealer tries to sell you a silver ring that’s embedded with a diamond, you should test that diamond, as there’s a high chance that it will be something else.

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Final Thoughts

You might stumble upon a piece of silver jewelry that’s embedded with diamonds from time to time. If you happen to notice it, we urge you to check the validity of that diamond immediately. Why should you do that?

It turns out that there are a handful of scammers that try to sell fake diamonds that are embedded in 925 silver. 

So, to sum it up: Are real diamonds ever set in 925 silver?

There are some cases where people try to set a couple of diamonds in silver jewelry. But we plead that they refrain themselves from that, as both sterling and pure silver aren’t hard enough to keep diamonds fixed firmly in place.

Imagine noticing one day that one of your diamonds is missing from your favorite necklace or bracelet. That would be devastating – but it happens to people that decide to embed their silver jewelry with diamonds.

On the other hand, scammers usually try to sell artificial diamonds in silver jewelry, especially in silver rings. Avoid them as much as possible; most of the time, silver jewelry embedded with diamonds is commonly made with fake diamonds.

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