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Can I Wear Diamond And Ruby Together?

Can I Wear Diamond And Ruby Together?

Diamonds are among the most popular gemstones used in jewelry, especially when set in rings. Their stunning appearance is bound to attract attention – but could diamonds be combined with other gemstones in jewelry? 

Have you ever asked yourself, “Can I wear diamond and ruby together?”

If you want to, you absolutely can. However, if you believe in Vedic astrology, diamond and ruby shouldn’t be worn by the same person. 

You might wonder, why is that the case?

We’ve covered all of the answers in this article. But first, let’s learn some interesting facts about rubies, shall we? 

What Is Ruby?

Ruby is one of the most popular gemstones out there. The gem’s name “ruby” comes from the Latin word “rubens,” which means “red.” 

Rubies are made of corundum which comes in many different colors. However, these colors are classified as sapphires. For example, sometimes, pink corundum is referred to as pink sapphire. Other times, it’s referred to pink ruby – depending on the tint, region, and personal opinion.

Rubies get their coloring from trace amounts of chromium.

On the Mohs scale, a ruby earns a solid 9 – matching sapphire. That makes rubies extremely hard and durable – although still not as hard as diamonds, of course.

Thailand is one of the leading ruby mining and production centers, with other leading countries including Madagascar, India, and Sri Lanka.

History And Lore Of Rubies

For centuries, rubies symbolized power and protection. When ruby was worn as a talisman, it was believed to help protect warriors in battles.

The modern reference to this legend can be seen in “The Wizard Of Oz.” The ruby slippers that Dorothy wore were thought to protect her from evil.

Interestingly enough, ruby is referenced four times in the Bible, which associates this gemstone with wisdom and beauty. 

And according to ancient folklore, people in India also believed rubies would help them in being at peace with their enemies.

Famous Rubies

Until the 19th century, people thought red spinels were rubies. Famous stones like “Timur Ruby” and  “Black Prince’s Ruby,”  along with many other red gems were considered rubies – until they were proved wrong.

With that said, some famous rubies – real rubies, that is, include “Edwades Ruby,” “De Long Star Ruby,” and the “Rosser Reeves Star Ruby.”

In 2011, a stunning 8.24-carat ruby ring that belonged to Elizabeth Taylor was sold at auction for a staggering $4.2 million.

That’s not even the most expensive one: The most expensive ruby to ever exist is the 32.08-carat “Hope Ruby,” sold for $6.74 million!

Value Of Rubies 

As strange as it might sound, high-quality rubies with a carat weight higher than 10 can sell for considerably more than a similar-sized diamond. 

Some large rubies are being sold for upwards of $200,000 per carat!

Yup, you read that right. 

On the other hand, comparably sized diamonds average a price of around $120,000 per carat. Rubies of this magnitude are much rarer than diamonds of this size, though, which explains the drastic price difference.

The most desirable shade a ruby can possess is a deep red with a slight hint of blue, known as “pigeon’s blood.”

What about internal flaws? 

Well, imperfections within rubies are to be expected and are usually well tolerated. However, if the flaws impact the brilliance or transparency of the gemstone, the value is bound to go down.

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Ruby Buying Guide For First-Time Gem Shoppers

In this section, we’ll discuss some of the critical factors you need to consider before you buy this gorgeous red-colored gemstone.


Color is a crucial aspect when shopping for a natural ruby since it can greatly affect the stone’s price.

The most desirable color is, as we’ve already mentioned, “pigeon blood.” With that said, rubies have a wide range of colors – starting from pinkish-red to deep garnet-like red. 

Many ruby sellers try to present pink sapphires as rubies in order to get the premium that comes with the name “ruby.” Beware of such scams!

Saturation & Tone

Saturation refers to the amount of color in the gemstone, whereas tone refers to the lightness of the gem. As you can imagine, the difference in saturation and tone leads to a drastic difference in price, too. 

For example, a ruby that has a well-saturated color but a very dark tone like that of garnet has a lower value than a ruby with a medium tone.

As the color becomes less saturated, red becomes more pinkish – and has a different value than the more saturated red colors. 


Nearly all natural rubies have some kind of internal flaws, also known as inclusions. It’s unlikely for a natural ruby to be internally flawless.

So, you can forget about getting a perfectly clear ruby. Even eye-clean rubies are extremely rare. However, if you do come across a perfectly eye-clean ruby, be ready to pay the premium price.


Natural rubies are more expensive than diamonds if you look at their price per carat. That is due to the fact that rubies don’t usually come in higher carat weights as diamonds do.

Rubies with carat weights of more than 1.5 are hard to come across. Only specialized high-end gemstone dealers will carry natural rubies above 2 carats.


Rubies don’t come in all sorts of fancy cuts. Why? 

Well, rubies are so rare that they’re generally cut only into shapes that the rough gem permits; anything else would be a waste of expensive and rare material.

With that said, the cut is an important aspect when it comes to judging ruby’s quality. Nearly all rubies are cut to retain maximum carat weight since they’re sold on the price-per-carat basis. 

Here are a few types of ruby cuts you’ll find:

  • Step cut
  • Brilliant cut
  • Mixed cut
  • Cabochon cut

Benefits Of Wearing A Ruby

In this section, we’ll cover some of the benefits you might get from wearing a ruby, according to Vedic astrology.

  • Leadership Qualities: The ruby, like the Sun, holds leadership qualities. Therefore, the wearer of this gemstone is bound to get great admiration and support from positions of authority, administration, and government services.
  • Boosts Confidence: The wearer of this gorgeous red gemstone can overcome timidity with ease. So, people who have a hard time being heard or find themselves in stressful situations feeling like no one respects their opinion wear rubies. Sun’s a natural Atma karaka, meaning that wearing a ruby can boost your confidence and opinion of yourself.
  • Inculcates Feeling Of Love: An epitome of love, the natural deep red rubies inculcate the feelings of love, compassion, and warmth in the wearer’s heart.
  • Clears Confusion And Increases Focus: One significant advantage of wearing a ruby is that it clears confusion and increases focus, making its wearer alert, agile, and sharp. If you find it difficult to set personal goals or cannot work through your schedule, then the ruby is the perfect gemstone for you.
  • Enhances Personality: The intensity and heat of rubies can revitalize and energize the system, giving the wearer a charismatic and striking personality.
  • Enhances Creativity: Rubies play an influential role in the carrier paths of artists, actors, engineers, and goldsmiths since they boost one’s creativity.
  • Resolves Health Issues: Ruby is also great for people having a weaker Sun in their charts, which leads them to suffer from ailments like indigestion, jaundice, backbone problems, and high or low blood pressure.

Benefits Of Wearing A Diamond

Now that we’ve covered rubies, it’s time to talk about the benefits a diamond can provide you with – again, according to Vedic astrology.

  • Diamonds Evoke Feelings: A diamond is a gemstone designed to enhance Venuse’s properties. Diamonds strengthen the wearer’s mind; they encourage generous thoughts and eliminate evil and fearful ones.
  • Diamonds Attract Wealth: In Vedic astrology, diamonds are aligned with Venus, also known as Shukra, and are called the gemstones of money. If you’re, for example, going on a business trip, consider wearing a diamond to draw profit and revenue. The most powerful diamond is one that’s crystal clear and colorless.
  • Diamonds Improve Physical Health: Apart from looking gorgeous, diamond provides its wearer a wide range of health benefits. Diamonds have specific vibes that help repair digestive organs, liver, urinary tract, throat, lips, jaw, and skin-related conditions.
  • Diamonds Offer Spiritual Benefits: It’s a common belief that gems possess strength or affect the wearer in ways that could improve certain aspects of their life. A diamond can encourage the person wearing it to do good deeds and be commended and acclaimed. It also encourages the wearer to face the uncertainties of life, provoking a feeling of divine bliss. Diamonds are said to possess the ability to eliminate any inferior complex and are also recommended as a panacea for creative blocks that actors, musicians, and authors may face.
  • Diamonds Also Boost Confidence: Diamonds exude luxury and have been a status symbol for a long time now. They’re often related to good taste and prosperity, too. This precious stone will provide a feeling of dominance and strength and boost your general confidence.

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Can You Wear Diamond And Ruby Together?

Ruby and diamond represent different groups of planets – and their effects can be very diverse.

Even though these two gemstones look very alluring, it’s essential to know whether or not they can be worn together.

Venus is a planet of love, intimacy, affection, luxuries, entertainment, and arts. As we mentioned earlier, wearing a gemstone such as a diamond boosts these qualities of Venus in the thoughts, personality, and physical body of the wearer.

However, this only happens when Venus is a beneficial planet in the wearer’s horoscope.

Otherwise, that same diamond can have pretty harmful effects on the person wearing it and can reduce happiness related to the virtues of Venus.

Sun, also known as Surya, represents dominance, authority, governance, and subjugation. And wearing a ruby boosts the positive traits of the Sun, making the individual wearing the ruby quite fortunate in their career. Plus, it can improve general health, too.

However, the pre-condition is that the Sun must be a benefic planet in the wearer’s horoscope. Otherwise, wearing a ruby might bring marital discord, disagreements with the superiors, health disorders, and legal problems.

So, you can see that The Sun and Venus have entirely different effects on people. They aren’t even complementary to one another. 

If they were beneficial to each other or elevating each other’s powers and positive effects, then yes, rubies and diamonds could be worn together. However, their opposite nature reduces their individual capabilities, so, in that sense, one should never wear rubies and diamonds together.

Other Gemstones And Minerals That Shouldn’t Be Worn Together

Apart from the fact that you shouldn’t combine rubies with diamonds, here, we’ve covered other gemstones and minerals that you should avoid wearing together – again, if you believe in Vedic astrology:

  • Never wear ruby with garnet, sapphire, or a cat’s eye.
  • Don’t wear quartz with pearls, moonstone, and opal.
  • Never wear blue sapphires with corals and pearls.
  • Don’t wear diamonds with emeralds.

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On the flip side, there are some gemstones that can – and should – be worn together. Here are a few examples:

  • You can wear Ruby with emerald, yellow sapphire, and pearls.
  • It’s good to wear diamonds with blue sapphires.
  • You can wear blue sapphires and a cat’s eye together.

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So if you asked yourself, “Can I wear diamond and ruby together?” here’s the answer:

According to Vedic astrology, diamond and rubies should never be worn together. Their representative planets – Venus and Sun – and the effects they provide are entirely different and opposite, hence wearing these two gemstones at the same time can impact you negatively.

With that said, if you don’t believe in astrology, here’s our advice: Wear the gems you like and in any combination you prefer – life’s too short for these restrictions!