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Who Should Not Wear Diamonds?

Who Should Not Wear Diamonds?

One has to agree that diamonds are one of the most beautiful gemstones. They aren’t just used in fashion, though. Diamonds find their use in the astrological world, as well. 

With that being said, diamonds aren’t meant for everyone since they can have certain negative effects on the wearer – according to some beliefs, that is.

So the question arises: Who should not wear diamonds?

The short version of the answer is people born in signs of Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces. That doesn’t mean that these signs aren’t allowed to wear diamonds at all, as there are some circumstances where one can still wear a diamond.

In this article, we’ve covered everything you need to know about the “side effects” of wearing diamonds on some zodiac signs – as well as some of the benefits one could get from wearing this gorgeous gem.

Side Effects Of Wearing Diamonds (According To Astrology)

Contrary to popular belief – diamonds are a girl’s best friend, diamonds are everyone’s favorite gemstone, and all that – it turns out that not everyone can or should wear diamonds. It seems like diamonds aren’t everyone’s best friend, after all.

According to Vedic Astrology and gemstone experts, it’s believed that diamonds can bring you either good or bad luck. In extreme cases, the diamond would be an open invitation for the retribution of the gods to riddle your life. 

That is especially true for specific zodiac signs, like Aries, Scorpio, and Pisces. 

Although diamonds are associated with grandeur, the astrological connections between the wearer and the diamond are of great importance – and this gemstone isn’t for everyone.

Following these beliefs, it’s recommended that people with these zodiac signs wear diamonds only after consulting with an astrology expert or receiving a detailed Reading (Kundali) from an expert.

In the wrong hands, wearing a diamond every day can bring problems and introduce troubles in a person’s relationship or marriage. In other words, a diamond isn’t always a symbol of love – especially when worn by the wrong person.

You might be asking, how is that even possible? Well, it mostly has to do with planet Venus and its association with diamonds. 

Essentially, the planet Venus comes after the Moon and the Sun, where it sparkles brightly in the sky. Because of this shiny nature and the glaring bright nature of diamonds, the gemstone is connected with the planet Venus.

Additionally, planet Venus is considered a symbol of love, and its peachy warmth is related to all that is nice and good. However, Venus’s warmth also showers and shadows all horoscopes it governs. 

Venus does this with a lot of compassion and love, though.

Generally, the trend around diamonds springs from Venus’s connection with love – which is why a diamond is also called the gemstone of love. 

Astrology has also bestowed upon Venus characteristics related to all that is good with nature – all things elegant, luxurious, beautiful, and abundant. In addition, Venus also controls the creative energies and spaces.

Unfortunately, people with particular zodiac signs won’t get to enjoy this good nature of the planet Venus when they wear diamonds. 

According to Vedic Astrology, this happens because diamonds that are worn by Aries, Scorpios, and Pisces lead to lives full of disharmony and tension. 

So, unless you’re born with a zodiac sign like Taurus, Libra, or Virgo, wearing a diamond might not be the best idea.

Diamonds For Taurus Ascendant

If you’re born with the Taurus ascendant, then it’s recommended for you to wear diamonds. Venus is the lord of the Taurus ascendant; therefore, it’s beneficial to you. 

Wearing diamonds can bring health, happiness, harmony, social establishment, and general well-being.

Diamonds can bring you massive success if you’re working within the profession pertaining to food, art, airlines, interior design, gems and jewelry, cosmetic products, and luxury business. 

Diamond For Gemini Ascendant

The planet Venus is the lord of the fifth and twelfth house. Venus rules over your intelligence, memory, mental courage, and your children and their development. 

If you’re born with the Gemini ascendant, the diamond is a highly beneficial and lucky stone for you. It can bring more visible results during the 20-year administration period of Venus. 

Oh, and one more thing: It can be very effective when it’s worn along with emeralds.

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Diamond For Cancer Ascendant 

If the person is born with the Cancer ascendant, it’s generally not recommended to wear a diamond. Venus rules the fourth and eleventh houses, which isn’t beneficial under Prashara astrology. 

Therefore, you should avoid wearing diamonds if you belong to the ascendant of Cancer.

On the other hand, wearing a diamond can bring visible results when Venus is exalted in Pisces, Libra, and its own-signed Taurus. But at the same time, you’ll need to be under the influence of the Mahadasha and Antaradasha of Venus.

Diamond For Leo Ascendant

If you’re born with the Leo ascendant, then you aren’t recommended to wear a diamond. 

According to Vedic Astrology, Venus is the lord of the third and the tenth houses; therefore, it’s a malefic planet.

However, you can wear diamonds if you’re under the major period or sub-period of the planet Venus. If that’s the case, the use of diamonds could bring power, authority, position, wealth, money, and success in the profession. 

Diamond For Virgo Ascendant

It’s highly recommended that you wear diamonds if you’re born with the Virgo ascendant, as Venus is the most beneficial planet for you. Using diamonds as a remedial measure can be very effective.

The use of diamond as an astral gemstone can bring good luck, and you can also get nature’s support. 

The person who wears a diamond will get spiritual upliftment. Furthermore, it will bring success in social standing, money, wealth, and fame.

This gorgeous gemstone can neutralize the adverse effects of Venus when it debilitates Virgo. One can experience the result of wearing diamonds during Venus’s major period – and get the results faster when used along with emeralds.

Diamond For Libra Ascendant

If you’re born with the Libra ascendant, the diamond can be a blessing for you as it rules the ascendant of the eighth house. As such, it can enhance knowledge, health, courage, and wealth.

In Vedic astrology, wearing diamonds is specifically recommended when it’s weak in the twelfth house in Virgo and combusted by the Sun. Other than this, the evil effect of the planet Venus by Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, can be neutralized by using diamonds.

A Libra wearing a diamond can have more effective results during the Mahadasha and Antradasha of Venus.

Diamond For Scorpio Ascendant

If you belong to Scorpio ascendant, you’re generally advised against wearing diamonds. Venus is the ruler of the seventh and twelfth houses, which is malefic for the ascendant of Scorpio. 

Therefore, it’s recommended not to use diamonds as a stellar remedy.

On the other hand, you can use diamond during the Mahadasha and Antradasha of Venus if it’s poised in Libra and Taurus. Also, you can use diamonds during the major period of Venus when the planet is posited in the exaltation of the fifth house.

The use of a diamond can redouble your happiness in your marriage. It can be of great help if you aren’t successful with finding the right partner in life, as it’s considered a good gemstone for the “love birds.”

Diamond For Sagittarius Ascendant

If the person is born with Sagittarius ascendant, it’s advised not to wear diamond as Venus is the lord of the sixth and tenth houses. And as it owns these two houses, it’s considered malefic for the person born with this ascendant.

However, the Sagittarius native can wear diamonds during the major period of Venus, when it’s posited in its own or exalted sign in Libra, Pisces, or Taurus.

The use of a diamond for the Sagittarius can bring remarkable success in business, career, and profession. It could also aid in getting rid of debt and chronic diseases.

Diamond For Capricorn Ascendant 

Wearing diamonds is highly recommended for people born in Capricorn ascendant, as Venus is considered the most beneficial planet for them. Venus rules the fifth and ninth houses, which play an essential role for the people of this sign.

One can use diamonds when Venus is debilitated and afflicted by evil planets, such as Ketu, Rahu, Mars, and Saturn. Diamonds can neutralize the adverse effects of the planet Venus in these instances. 

A person who wears a diamond will become successful in their career, profession, and business. It can also be highly effective for those people who are eager to pursue higher education.

The diamond can speed up more beneficial results during the Mahadasha of Venus.

Furthermore, the wearer can get more effective results by wearing it with blue sapphire.

Diamond For Aquarius Ascendant

If the person is born with an Aquarius ascendant, then the diamond can be equally beneficial to them, much like the person born with a Capricorn ascendant. 

Venus is the ruling planet of the fourth and ninth houses, the most beneficial planet for the person in this sign. Therefore, it’s recommended to use this gemstone throughout life as its use can neutralize the adverse effects of Venus. 

It is believed that it can dispel the malefic ramification of Saturn and Mars if Venus is afflicted.

You can get more effective results during the Mahadasha and Antradasha of Venus. The use of diamonds can bring happiness, conveyances, a good house, and success in career and profession.

This beautiful gemstone can be more effective when used along with blue sapphire.

Diamond For Pisces Ascendant

It’s advised not to wear diamonds if the person is born with a Pisces ascendant. Venus is the lord of the third and eighth houses, a malefic planet for these individuals. 

Thus, the use of diamonds is prohibited according to Vedic astrology.

On the other hand, diamonds can be used on certain occasions – after consulting a professional astrologer, of course. This gorgeous gemstone can be prescribed if the person runs through Mahadasha of Venus and posits in the third and eighth house in its sign or exalted in the Pisces.

The use of diamonds for people of this sign can improve longevity. It can make one more courageous and commanding. The use of diamonds can also foster a good relationship with one’s sibling.

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What To Do When Venus Is Ill-Disposed In Your Natal Chart

There are several remedial measures available in the Vedic Astrology for the planet Venus. The Mantra, Rudraksha, and Yantra and the use of diamond are some of the most popular ways to neutralize the negative effect of the planet Venus.

Diamonds For Aries Ascendant

If you’re born with Aries ascendant, then the diamond is a big no for you. The planet Venus is the lord of both the second and the seventh house. As such, it’s considered as the Marak planet; therefore, you shouldn’t wear diamonds.

In fact, it’s only recommended to wear a diamond if Venus is placed in the sign of Taurus and Libra and its exalted position in Pisces. 

Apart from these instances, you should run through Antardasha of Venus and Mahadasha of Venus to reap benefits from the planet Venus.

This gemstone for Venus can bring wealth, money, marital bliss, success in love, and social standing. It can also be beneficial for people who are into creativity during the Antardasha and Mahadasha of Venus.


The question “who should not wear diamonds?” is a rather strange one, and we’re aware that there’s a lot to take in here. So, let’s break it down once again:

If you believe in astrology, it’s important to note the diamond’s relation with your zodiac sign. Most people will tell you this is superstition, but we will not argue with this. 

Keep in mind that what beliefs you have is what comes to pass in your life.

The zodiac signs that shouldn’t wear diamonds are Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces. However, there are some circumstances where one can still wear a diamond – despite being born under a particular astrological sign.

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