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What Is More Valuable Than A Diamond?

What Is More Valuable Than A Diamond?

Many people regard diamonds as some of the most expensive rocks – and materials in general – out there.

This statement is not as far from the truth as some of you might think. Then again, one can’t help but wonder: What is more valuable than a diamond? Diamonds can’t possibly be the most valuable thing in the world, right?

A question like this is asked more often than we care to admit, so we wanted to make a list of things that hold a higher value than diamonds.

In order to explain these things more clearly to you, we decided to split these valuable items – that are more valuable than diamonds – into categories. You’ll be introduced to these categories shortly, and you’ll see a much clearer picture of things, including gems and metals, that hold more value than diamonds.

But, there are a few things that you have to understand before diving into this list so that you don’t get confused along the way.

The first thing you’ll have to keep in mind before going forward is that we’ll be talking about very specific measurement units to determine the value of a specific item. When we’re talking about diamonds – since they are the center of this story – you should memorize that the primary unit of measurement for them is a carat. And, more importantly, that 1 carat equals 200 milligrams or 2 grams.

Now that we’ve established that, let’s jump straight into the list!

Precious Stones That Are More Valuable Than Diamonds

The first “mini list” is focused on precious stones that are more valuable than diamonds. It’s only natural since diamonds are considered precious stones themselves.

Don’t get us wrong; diamonds are at the top of the list of most valued gems. Still, there are some rare stones that are said to have a bigger price tag attached to them than diamonds. 

Shocked? Yeah, we figured you would be.


Emeralds, for example, are rarer and more valuable than diamonds. Granted, that is due to their rarity – and not their characteristics.

For example, people value diamonds so much because of their hardness. For that reason, diamonds can be used in many spheres and for countless things, but the reserves are scarce, so diamonds tend to hold a high price for that.

On the other hand, emeralds are just gemstones that are valued purely because of their rarity and characteristic looks. It might seem illogical to value a precious stone more than a diamond just for its rarity, but you have to understand that these stones are primarily used in making jewelry. And in that business, rarer means more valuable.

Let’s talk price.

One carat diamond costs somewhere between $1,800 and $13,000. The price range fluctuates depending on the shape of the diamond, its quality, and even the location where you’re trying to buy that diamond.

Emeralds are a different story. 

Lower-grade emeralds go for as low as $800. And yet, some of the highest-grade 1-carat emeralds are known to sell for up to $19,000 on a regular day.

The difference in price isn’t that drastic or dramatic – but the difference is there, nonetheless.

We’ve heard stories of some emeralds that can reach a price of well over $20,000 per carat, but those are some rare and extreme cases that you probably won’t have a chance to participate in, anyway.

Still, it’s a mind-blowing number. 

All in all, when you ask people what gem is more valuable than a diamond, the most probable answer you’re going to get is – an emerald.

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This unusual-sounding gem is one of the rarest out there.

These gems are rarely seen in jewelry stores and other shops because they are so hard to get. And even when they are available, not many people know about them – so they usually don’t walk into a jewelry shop and ask for a ring with a grandidierite rock.

These unique precious stones are only found on Madagascar and have become a staple of the island – alongside all the unusual species of animals this island is home to, of course.

And because this gem is found only in Madagascar, it’s pretty rare to see it in other parts of the world – especially the ones that are far away from this magical island.

The price that you should expect to see when buying a one-carat grandidierite is just north of $20,000. Its price can fluctuate and change depending on where you are trying to buy it, but don’t get your hopes up – it can only be more expensive than the price we mentioned.

What is characteristic of this gem – and the reason why people adore it so much – is its color. They can range from green-blue color or can have a pearl-like translucent appearance.

To see a gem this rare is quite an experience. Some people even say it’s breathtaking when someone sees it for the first time.

That’s why people value it so much – besides its rarity, that is.


A smoky grey gem is a rare occurrence in this world, so when people see one, they seem mesmerized – and for a good reason!

This gemstone is quite rare and isn’t as popular as diamonds. But that’s because diamonds have gained popularity much earlier than some of the gems on this list.

These gems originate from Australia and have been discovered relatively recently. Because of the scarcity and rarity of this gem, the price tags are well above the ones usually attached to diamonds.

We found out that a one-carat musgravite can reach a price of $35,000 – and even more at some points.

We expect this gem’s price to decrease slightly when the quantity increases, but it will probably never drop to a point where it will be less expensive than a diamond.


Now, this is a gem that has a lot of backstory behind it. Long story short, painite originates from Myanmar that has had some dictatorship problems over these past few decades.

A totalitarian regime resulted in painite not being available to the rest of the world for a long time. But since 2011, this beautiful orange-red gem has been much more available to us. 

And here’s the mind-blowing fact: One-carat painite is valued at $60,000 – and that’s the minimum. You can expect to pay well over that.

These price ranges are entirely different from regular diamonds, huh? And these types of gems really show you how diamonds can seem cheap compared to some of their counterparts.

Other Gems

Some other gems are in the same price range as diamonds – but their price fluctuates depending on various factors.

For example, a one-carat of bixbite can cost well over $10,000. Knowing that a one-carat diamond can reach a price of $13,000, this might seem a bit confusing.

Let us explain.

Although valued at around $10,000, a bixbite can reach a price of up to $15,000 in some cases – which makes it slightly more expensive than a diamond.

These instances are, in fact, rare, but that doesn’t mean that this gem can’t be more expensive than a diamond.

Some other gems – such as alexandrite – also fall under this category and can easily reach a price that is slightly (and, in some cases, well over) the price of a one-carat diamond.

These price differences don’t really seem like much, but this is an article on things that are more valuable than diamonds. And if there’s potential for higher value, we feel obligated to list them here.

Also, we must note that we always talk about naturally occurring gems – without any exception – when we’re talking about diamonds.

It’s essential to make this distinction because some artificially created diamonds are much less valuable than natural diamonds. And that makes a whole lot of gems and precious metals more valuable than them.

Artificially made or lab-made diamonds are found in a price range of a few hundred to just over a thousand dollars, so it’s not even worth mentioning them and comparing them to anything on this list.

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Are There Any Precious Metals More Valuable Than Diamonds?

Some of you probably assume that some metals are more valuable than diamonds – in some sense, anyway. For instance, the majority of people think of platinum as a metal that has the potential to be more valuable than diamonds.

Well, that’s not true. 

Although platinum is deemed one of the most valuable precious metals, you can’t compare its price to the price of diamonds. Let’s look at the numbers first, and then we’ll discuss them afterward.

One carat of pure platinum (99,95%) is roughly worth around $990. And sure, this is a very high price when we compare it to prices of gold or silver.

For the sake of the comparison, let’s take a look at the prices of these two metals:

A gram of 24-carat gold is worth around $70 at the moment, so you have a slight understanding of the dramatic difference between the price of platinum and the price of gold.

Silver is even cheaper than gold, so we don’t have to go in-depth on its price at the moment.

For these reasons – and because of the popularity of platinum as one of the most valuable precious metals in the world – some of you might think that its price exceeds the price of a one-carat diamond.

And while diamonds and platinum are a fantastic combination when we talk about jewelry, the retail prices of these two won’t ever be close to one another.

Since both platinum and diamond hold their prices and don’t fluctuate a lot from the numbers we mentioned, you shouldn’t expect any sudden change in this comparison.

Diamonds will always be costlier than platinum – and that’s just not going to change.

Gold is taken as a standard of worth in general, but that originates from its past and the connection to the currency of the United States Dollar. It has very little to do with its actual worth.

Gold and other precious metals don’t become more or less expensive within a short period. They don’t suffer from inflation and price fluctuations – and that’s why gold is regarded as one of the standards and points of comparison for many valuable things.

And for us, the price of a diamond also represents a point of comparison in the gem world – since its price doesn’t fluctuate or change suddenly, either.

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Our Final Thoughts

Now, this has been quite a list we presented you with, huh? If you didn’t encounter – or even hear of – some of the gems on this list, we hope we sparked your interest in them.

Diamonds have always been a staple of premium and prestige, and that’s because they deserve that reputation.

The fact that there are some more expensive gemstones out there doesn’t mean that diamonds don’t deserve the value that they hold right now. And it certainly doesn’t make them any less valuable.

Reference points are vital since diamonds can seem expensive compared to some more common gems – and cheaper compared to something like emeralds or painite.

Gold and platinum are a different story – and shouldn’t be compared to precious stones at all. Although they are as popular as diamonds in the jewelry world, they are in a category of their own and should be left there.

We hope that we cleared the air about this question and that we’ve made you interested in some other unusual gemstones that you found out about in this article.

But remember, diamonds are forever!

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