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Does Diamond Suit Everyone?

Does Diamond Suit Everyone?

Diamonds have been around for a long time. And we’re not even exaggerating; they’ve been used as jewelry for thousands of years across hundreds of cultures. 

But that begs the question – does diamond suit everyone? It’s a question that people ask themselves often, so we thought we’d have a crack at it.

There are multiple aspects to the question. Firstly there’s the matter of style when you should and shouldn’t wear them. And yes, that’s always down to personal preference, but there are certain fashion suggestions that could help us all look our best.

The next is the somewhat stranger – but still quite popular – astrological aspect. Diamonds have an excellent reputation in this field, though they sometimes represent bad luck or bad energy in certain cultures, so we’ll have to talk about that as well.

All in all, there are many things that we need to cover. So how about we get this thing going, shall we?

Does Diamond Suit Everyone?

We wish that there was a “Yes” or “No” answer to this question – but it seems that we’ll have to go a bit deeper to find what we’re looking for today. 

Diamonds do suit most people when it comes to style, but they don’t suit all styles – if that makes any sense. They have been a status symbol for a long time, which is something that needs to be taken into consideration, too.

While they haven’t always been worn to galas and parties exclusively, they have been linked to a luxurious lifestyle in some way, shape, and form. The luxury in question depends on the time period we’re talking about, sure. 

Then again, it’s safe to say that the working class of the middle ages wasn’t wearing diamonds around their necks when going out for a drink.

We wish they were, though! 

Diamonds are a beautiful addition to any style, but unfortunately, they happen to be quite pricey, now more than ever. Because of this, the question isn’t whether or not a diamond suits someone; it’s whether or not they can afford it. 

We’ll get into the subject of them costing more than they should in a moment – but for now, it’s something that needs to be considered.

The modern use of diamonds in fashion is more connected to the 20th century than any other period in history. 

For instance, when you see a diamond necklace, it’s usually quite clear if its style comes from the last hundred years or before. In the old days, those kinds of accessories were only seen on members of royalty.

But there was a small time frame in which a diamond could be seen dangling off the ears of regular people going to parties in the 1910s and 20s. Though the prices truly skyrocketed after this period, the fashion statement of a diamond somewhere on your outfit stuck with us. 

So, how about we start with that part of the story first, and then we’ll get into the others. There’s a good reason for diamonds still being popular after all this time, and that’s because they’re just darn good looking! 

So, let’s check and see when – and how – you can incorporate the gem into your style and life. 

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Diamonds: Style Over Substance

When we think of diamonds in terms of fashion choices, we generally tend to associate them directly with suits, tuxedos, and fancy dresses. These days, they’re worn in ways that are far from their initial, oh-so-fancy ballroom reputation.

But there has always been one constant to them, luxury! 

Sure, you don’t have only to wear them to fancy parties – but they have been a status symbol for the rich for so long that it’s impossible for us to think of them in any other way. 

They’re just made for the lavish lifestyle – or rather, the lavish lifestyle was made with them at its core.

We guess it makes sense; their reputation for being incredibly expensive makes anyone who sees them on a suit or piece of jewelry think that the owner must be well off. And they probably are; diamonds are, after all, being sold for about two to three thousand dollars per carat. 

And let’s face it, it’s not a picture of a one-carat diamond that gets you to the front page of a fancy magazine. The reality of it is that diamonds aren’t that different from other gems; it’s just the price tag that makes them stand out. 

We say this because it’s essential to remember while looking at all those front-page covers. It doesn’t feel good to keep looking at luxurious, lavish things that we can’t afford, huh? 

But we can assure you, these shiny gems aren’t some special out-of-this-world items that only the selected few can wear. 

Then again, they do set a certain standard – fashion-wise. 

So, who does a diamond suit? 

Well, everybody – if they’re willing to pay for them, of course. Just don’t put a nice diamond necklace over a hoodie on the way to the store! 

They have the ability to make you feel as if you’re on top of the world. We suggest you use that ability to your advantage. Who among us doesn’t want to feel special from time to time? And if there’s one thing that a diamond is good at, it’s making you feel good about yourself!

So, if you can afford it – or if you can at least borrow it – slap on some nice shiny gems to your outfit and soar above the other well-dressed folk. 

And don’t knock yourself if you don’t have a 20-carat clear diamond in your collection; it’s the thought that counts!

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The Spiritual Aspect

Now, the next part that we need to talk about is a bit different. 

We covered the style and the price but now let’s look at what diamonds can do to your aura and your spirit! That’s right: They might have a reputation for being the standard setters for luxury, but these are still gems that have a history in the astrological and spiritual cultures.

Diamonds actually represent many things – depending on which culture you ask, of course. 

The one country that has the most experience with the crystal is probably India. They’ve had diamonds for a LONG time, and the gems are a part of many stories and legends that were passed down for generations. 

To some, they represent bad luck and are generally frowned upon – but there are stories of them protecting people from lightning and bringing them good fortune. 

So, it depends on who you’re asking! 

More often than not, they do have a bad reputation attached to them in pretty much all of the places where we found an abundance of diamonds. 

For instance, in many South American and African countries, diamonds are considered an almost cursed entity. They’re often said to be poisonous to those who own them and can bring bad fortune – or even death! 

There are many myths about them being poisonous to the touch.

These stories are often connected to the terrible conditions in which the miners that dig up the diamonds work. Because the job is so hard and often underpaid, diamonds suffer a bad reputation. 

They are generally considered to bring nothing but bad luck and faith to anyone connected to the industry. 

So, what does this mean for you- a possible owner of a precious diamond? 

Well, because there’s so much negative energy connected to diamonds, many people don’t want to be around them. The diamond industry as a whole has a pretty bad reputation – so it’s believed that this translates to the gems and those who buy them.

Another aspect that we have to talk about is astrology. 

While not everyone believes in this practice, millions of people don’t want to risk it. Bringing a diamond into their lives could also mean inviting negative energy – that they surely don’t want. 

Diamonds are often considered to be connected to the planet Venus, which can be a good thing. Venus is responsible for a lot of good luck and all of the luxury that humanity can experience. 

Because of that, some people actually believe they bring good luck – not bad. 

When it comes down to it, it’s up to you to decide.

We have to say that there are more negative things to be said when we look at the history of diamonds throughout many cultures in the world. So, you decide whether or not they’re worth the trouble.

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Are Diamonds Worth It?

When we take all this into consideration, you have to wonder – is a diamond worth the trouble? They are quite expensive, and they have a pretty bad rep in the spiritual world. 

What is it about diamonds that could convince you to give up quite a bit of money for them? Well, it’s a personal choice, but there’s one more thing that we need to talk about that may help you make a decision. 

The fact that diamonds are overpriced is a true one – and it might be a bit more extreme than you think. The gem is the opposite of rare, and yet it’s priced as if there’s a limited amount of them to go around.

So, why is that?

Well, it’s all part of a marketing campaign that has been going for about a century now. It was started by the DeBeers Corporation in the 1880s and has changed the face of the industry forever. 

High-carat diamonds have always been valued at extreme prices, but they had a reason for it. It was either a combination of a beautiful cut of big diamonds or a rare color and a cut. 

But these days, it seems as if you’re just paying a lot of money to buy the same diamond over and over. The standard has been set – and the prices never seem to go down. 

Not only that, they’re not exactly the excellent investment that the industry wants you to believe they are. 

They are basically an overpriced gem that just looks a certain way. We’ve been conditioned to believe that they’re a status symbol that will get you luxury as no other material or object would. 

But the harsh truth is that they’re kind of just regular gems. 

Diamonds have a unique look to them; we can’t say that we don’t like them. But then again, rubies and opals are beautiful in their own rights!

Don’t get us wrong; you’re free to like the translucent gem. We sure do! 

Just know that there are other stones and gems that can look just as good – if not better. Don’t let the luxury and “hardest material” reputation fool you. 

You can have a quartz stone that means more to you than all of the diamonds in the world combined!

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And besides, if you believe in all of the spiritual aspects of this whole ordeal, you could save a few bucks – and go for a gem that will bring you some good luck!

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Final Words

So, does diamond suit everyone? 

Well, of course, it does! Diamonds can suit just about anybody if they like them; it’s just a matter of personal preference. 

If you like diamonds, go out and get some! Just make sure to prepare the cash because these darn things are anything but cheap.

The price tags don’t make a lot of sense; we have to admit that. But hey, luxury has a high price – it’s the way it’s always been. Just make sure not to exclude the other beautiful gems that our world has to offer. 

At the end of the day, you can buy whatever you want and like whatever you like. 

So, go out and get a suitcase full of diamonds if you want, that’s the beauty of the free market for you! We promise they’ll look good on you; somehow, they always do.

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