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Why Do We Wear Diamond?

Why Do We Wear Diamond?

While diamonds are beautiful and rare, their practical uses are limited. Sure, you could argue that diamonds find their use in industrial drills bits, but those aren’t the stones you can find in jewelry stores. 

Since diamonds – at least the pretty ones – aren’t functional, why would people buy diamond jewelry? Or, to phrase that differently, why do we wear diamond?

The qualities that make diamonds vital in the industrial sector are transferred – in a symbolic way – to jewelry, especially when they are given as a gift.

In this article, we’ve covered all of these symbolic meanings of why people wear diamonds. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Top Two Reasons For Not Choosing A Diamond 

Let’s begin by looking at several reasons why some people don’t buy – or wear – diamonds. 

The number one factor is obviously the cost of these precious stones. Some people might feel that the price of a diamond ring doesn’t work for their budget – and that’s understandable. Many will opt for one of the alternative gemstones, including semi-precious gems. 

When it comes to fancy color, the cost of natural fancy-colored diamond steps outside most people’s budget.

Some people feel a certain unease when they look back on the unethical use of diamonds to fund wars in foreign countries. We’re talking about so-called conflict diamonds

With that being said, let’s move on to the reasons why people prefer diamonds over other gems.

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Reasons For Choosing A Diamond: Say “Yes” To The Gem!

There are many reasons why people opt for diamonds for their engagement rings – from beauty to value. So, let’s take a look at them.

Elegance And Beauty

The first reason why you should have more diamonds is elegance and beauty. Diamonds are undoubtedly gorgeous gemstones – they can make a simple outfit look stunning.

Diamonds have that fire that outshines the rest. If you wish to look classy and graceful, you have to add some diamonds to your outfit. 

The timeless beauty of diamonds can aid you in achieving that desired striking appearance.


A diamond can withstand wear and will retain the faceting and high polish for a lifetime. Many antique diamonds are re-circulated to this day for this reason – and some are even re-cut into better-looking and more proportionate versions.

This eternal nature also reflects upon the symbolic stability of a couple’s relationship. A diamond ring will also withstand everyday wear-and-tear to a greater degree – which is a plus practicality-wise.


The light performance of some diamonds is stunning – and second to none. When the stone is well-cut, it will produce fantastic brilliance that generations of people have admired and adored. 

And that fascination with the diamond’s sparkle isn’t going away any time soon. 

Value & Price

Diamonds carry concrete prices and trade on a worldwide market. Both rough and polished stones have an intrinsic value. 

Now, as you know, once cut and polished, the value of a diamond lies within four factors – the cut, color, carat, and clarity.

Even though there are levels of value, such as trade, retail selling price, and value, a diamond keeps its value. Investing in diamonds is always an option, by the way.

Oh, and there’s always the element of sentimental value – but more on that later. 

For some people, the price of an engagement ring itself represents a sign of commitment. Many feel that the modern tradition of buying a valuable engagement ring is a vital part of expressing commitment.

Naturality Of Color

That might not seem like an obvious reason for someone to buy a diamond ring. However, with a full range of clothing colors, a colorless diamond will be neutral to some extent against varied and colorful “backgrounds.” 

Combined with platinum or white gold – regardless of the value, purpose, and sentiment – a ring will remain an accessory that’s worn daily. Just like the color of metal, which is a consideration for itself, you should also consider the stone’s color.

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Good Investment

Diamonds are undeniably one of the most expensive gemstones out there. They can be sold for an extremely high price, so when you buy one, you’re certainly investing.

Based on the quality of the diamond, you can sell yours for nearly the same amount of money you originally have paid for it. It depends on the current market, gem quality, and similar factors – but the point remains. 

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Psychological Reasons For Choosing A Diamond

When it comes to consumer purchases, a particular “luxury” item – such as a diamond ring – is generally bought due to a combination of psychological, economic, and cultural factors.

That means that the best sales are made when the sellers understand the interaction of buyer emotion and motivation. 

Once the motivation for buying a specific item has been determined, the retailer needs to pull at the strings of the emotional aspects behind it.

Motivation can be a romantic one between the partners, boosting one’s happiness after a tough time – or as a reward for an achievement, like a promotion or graduation. You get the idea.

Because customers generally attach emotions to luxury purchases, retailers must understand these feelings – and guide their customers to the best possible investment for their particular requirements.

In one study, luxury consumers were put into two groups – those that use pride as a motive to buy luxury items and those that purchase them to feel the pride, viewing it as a “consequence.” 

A customer could be driven by pride in either aspect – and both types of pride can be used to prompt a sale.

Here are nine critical motivators for diamond retailers to look for when aiding their customers to purchase diamond jewelry.


  • Right or wrong, some measure self-worth by the quality and size of the diamond they wear. Considering the budget of a person, often their purchase will reflect the degree of their beliefs regarding how much they “deserve” the diamond jewelry.


  • Whether it’s a family gathering or any other special event, the fundamental nature of gifting diamond jewelry reflects both importance and joy of the occasion. It could be the birth of a child, marked by the father gifting diamond jewelry to the mother, or a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary.


  • It could be either recognition of someone’s personal accomplishment – or somebody else’s. Diamond jewelry is an excellent choice after overcoming challenges and achieving something meaningful, whatever that might be. 

Wanting Something Truly Special

  • The rarity of diamonds in combination with the 4C’s makes them one-of-a-kind. Gifting a gem to a loved one can be an expression of that uniqueness.

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Reflecting A Diamond Qualities

  • Some people may buy a diamond for themselves – or somebody else – to express an individual’s radiant, dazzling, and distinctive personality. Other qualities that diamonds might reflect also include inner strength and reliability.

Making The Right Impression

  • Generally speaking, when it comes to gifting diamonds, this is a male motivation – but women can also purchase diamond jewelry with the motivation of impressing someone and showing how much they care for them.

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  • Saying “Sorry” or making a statement about how important a person is to you can be expressed with diamond jewelry. Remember the symbolism of a diamond: It lasts forever and survives misfortune to sparkle on – which appeals to this motive.

Purely A Gift

  • As diamonds transcend function, gifting diamond jewelry means expecting absolutely nothing in return. It’s purely a gift. Someone would give a diamond as a way of expressing how much the other person means to them.

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Benefits Of Wearing A Diamond (According To Astrology)

If you’re a believer in astrology, this section is for you. Let’s look at the benefits of wearing a piece of diamond jewelry according to astrology.

  • Diamonds Envoke Feelings – A diamond is designed to enhance the properties of Venus. It strengthens the mind of the wearer, encourages generosity, and eliminates evil thoughts.
  • Diamonds Attract Wealth – Diamond is a strong gemstone associated with money. It’s most potent when worn in gold. If you’re going on a business-related trip, wear a diamond on your right-hand ring finger; it will draw profit and revenue. 
  • Diamonds Improve Physical Health – Apart from being a gorgeous gem, a diamond provides health benefits to the person wearing it. According to astrology, diamonds have vibes that aid in repairing digestive organs, urinary tract, liver, jaw, throat and can help with skin-related components.
  • Diamonds Offer Spiritual Benefits – It’s common knowledge that gemstones affect the wearer in ways that can improve certain aspects of their lives. Diamond encourages you to do good deeds, to be acclaimed and commended. It provokes a feeling of divine bliss and enables you to face life’s uncertainties boldly. Diamonds are believed to have the ability to remove any inferiority complex. It’s recommended as a remedy for the artistic blocks that actors, authors, musicians have endured. 

Many who believe in the power of gemstones attribute the power of the diamond to resist any negativity and preserve good health.

  • Diamonds Boost Confidence – Diamonds ooze luxury and have been a status symbol for a while now. They’re related to good taste and prosperity, giving confidence to the wearer and a feeling of strength and dominance. And since diamonds will never go out of style, they add to the glamour and classiness.
  • Diamonds Add Positivity – Diamonds strengthen Venus’ characteristics, which boosts one’s feelings. That means that wearing a diamond could make positive thoughts come true and eradicate fearful and evil thoughts. Wearing a diamond makes your appearance more desirable, too.
  • Diamonds Are Prefered Gifting Choice For Loved Ones – Diamonds have always been a preferred option when it comes to gifting a jewelry piece – especially to your significant other. “Diamond” is the language of love when it comes to gemstones.

Astrological Rules For Wearing Diamonds

Before wearing a diamond, ensure that it’s authentic and colorless. Also, you must remember that the ideal weight is between .5 carat to 1.5 carat. A diamond ring can be made out of gold, platinum, or silver as per choice or your budget. But it’s essential to “energize” your diamond ring before you wear it:

In India, before wearing your diamond ring, you chant the mantra “Om Shum Shukraya Namah Om” to energize it fully and yield the best benefits out of it.

Ideally, it’s recommended for men to wear it on the right hand’s middle finger. Women should wear it on the left hand’s middle finger. Generally, you’ll start experiencing positive results of wearing a diamond after seven days. And yes, we were as mind-blown as you are when we found out there’s an actual “timeline.”

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Wearing Diamonds Has Its Drawbacks

Your diamond is bound to get all sorts of dirt, dust, and oils during daily wear. That’ll result in the gem looking less sparkly, dull, and lifeless. 

But there’s a way to solve this problem. So, we’ll briefly cover a simple at-home practice that’ll clean your diamond:

First, prepare the cleaning solution by mixing warm water with a drop of dishwashing liquid or a little mild soap.

Soak the diamond into the solution and wait for about ten minutes. After that, gently scrub the diamond with a soft toothbrush. Rinse the stone with clean running water and wipe it with a soft cloth.

If you can still see the dirt, repeat the process until your stone is clean.

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Why do we wear diamond? 

The answer to this varies from one person to another, depending on their beliefs, needs, and budget. Many people steer towards diamond rings out of convention and tradition. After all, diamonds have become synonyms with engagement rings. 

Whether it’s a celebration, accomplishment, or even reflecting on the qualities of the diamond, people have different reasons for wearing – or gifting – diamonds.

One might buy and wear diamonds because they believe in astrology and the benefits this gem can provide them with, for example.

When it comes to buying diamond jewelry, it’s a discovery for both the seller and the buyer. The diamond jewelry retailer should take the time to decide the type of personality, motivations, and taste in the jewelry of their potential customers.

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