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What Makes Diamonds Lose Their Sparkle?

What Makes Diamonds Lose Their Sparkle?

Not only are diamonds the toughest material on this planet – but they are also one of the most beautiful gemstones out there. Sparkling magnificently, diamonds are bound to attract attention.

However, diamonds can lose their sparkle if you aren’t careful enough. So, now you might be wondering: What makes diamonds lose their sparkle?

On its own, the diamond won’t lose its sparkle. However, since you’re wearing it constantly, all sorts of dirt, oils, and dust will gradually collect on a diamond surface, preventing the light from going in, thus sparkling way less.

How can you prevent this? And what should you do about all the dirt? Don’t worry; this article covered everything you need to know about taking care of your diamond.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Why Should You Take Care Of Your Diamond?

When you purchase a piece of diamond jewelry, you might not think about the maintenance that will be required later on. Most people think that you wear your diamond ring and it will shine and look new forever.

But in reality, a little care is required to maintain its sparkle.

What makes your diamond jewelry so beautiful is the way the gem shines and sparkles. It’s an essential factor of why it’s valued in so many ways. 

And you want to take care of your diamond to keep that sparkle.

Any piece of diamond jewelry has a specific value for the fact that it has a diamond. One good reason you should take care of your stone and maintain the cleaning process is to help its value if you decide to sell it in the future.

Without proper care and cleaning, you can expect your diamond to lose its sparkle, develop a blemish or two, or get damaged. So, take care of your diamond to avoid expensive repairs and maintenance.

Diamonds are subject to loss, damages, and theft. There are professional ways to protect your gems from these possible issues, which we’ll talk about later.

How To Clean A Diamond: The Basics

As careful as you may be, your diamond jewelry is most likely exposed to dirt and oil that can cover its surface. There are TLC-related things you can do to prevent damages to your diamond.

Learning how to clean your diamond will guarantee that you maintain its sparkle and shine for as long as possible. Clean the gem often to keep it free of oil and dirt. That way, it won’t look hazy.

At the end of the day, rub your diamond against a soft cloth to keep it sparkly. After wearing your diamond ring, you can also wipe it with a flannel cloth to remove dirt and oils.

However, the most popular way to clean your diamond is to soak it in a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid.

Place your diamond ring in this mixture for about 10 minutes to break down dirt and grime. After that, remove your ring and clean it with a soft toothbrush. Be sure to gently rub each side of the gem, especially the back and the edges of the ring.

Put your diamond ring back in the mixture and continue brushing it to wash off any remaining dirt. After that, rinse your diamond ring with clean running water – and don’t forget to plug the drain to prevent loss if you accidentally drop your ring!

Use a lint-free cloth – or you can even use a hairdryer – to dry your diamond ring. If you let it air dry, you may notice water stains on your stone.

Avoid using abrasive chemicals like bleach when cleaning your diamond jewelry. While these chemicals won’t harm the diamond, they could damage the metal of your jewelry.

If you don’t want to utilize your household cleaners, visiting your local jewelry store might be a good idea; they’ll provide you with a jewelry cleaner. Soak the diamond jewelry in the cleaner according to the instructions.

How To Make Your Diamond Jewelry Shine (Again)

After cleaning your jewelry, there are few things you can do to restore its original brilliance and luster.

To make your diamonds sparkly again, soak them in a glass of club soda overnight – and in the morning, your diamond will be shiny again.

Another way of making your diamonds sparkly is by using denture tablets. Drop one into a glass of water. Place your diamond jewelry inside for a couple of minutes, remove, and rinse it.

You will see it sparkle once again.

Toothpaste is one of the well-known jewelry cleaners. Squeeze some of it on a toothbrush and gently scrub your diamond jewelry with it. It will sparkle, just like our teeth after brushing! Rinse and dry the gem with a soft cloth.

Interestingly enough, vodka can clean any type of jewelry. Dip your diamond jewelry into a glass of vodka for a couple of minutes, and you will see it sparkle again.

Taking Care Of Your Diamond Jewelry 101

It’s not just the regular cleaning that will aid in maintaining the quality of your diamond jewelry. There are some other practices that you can do to take care of your jewelry and avoid potential damage.

To avoid scratches and damages, keep your diamond jewelry away from your other jewelry. You can store your gem in its original box, wrapped in soft tissue paper, or put it in a separate jewelry pouch. 

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That is an essential practice to take care of diamond jewelry.

Always make sure your gem isn’t chipped or damaged and that its setting is securely holding it. If you notice something suspicious, bring it to a professional jeweler for inspection.

While your diamond is bound to get cosmetics and other substances on it, avoid them whenever possible. For instance, don’t keep your diamond ring on a bathroom shelf, where you likely use hairspray, perfume, deodorant, and other cosmetics.

These substances create buildup, which dulls the diamond’s sparkle and brilliance.

As we already mentioned, harsh chemicals can damage your jewelry. In the same way, sharp blows, sunlight, and extreme temperatures can lead to damage, too. 

Diamonds may be durable, but they can chip. Take your diamond ring off when doing any rough work like home renovating, gardening, cleaning, etc., to ensure it doesn’t get damaged.

A smaller piece of diamond jewelry like a ring or a bracelet could easily fall down the sink drain. As a result, it can get damaged or, worse yet, lost forever. 

So, avoid putting your diamond jewelry on the rim of the sink.

And while we’re at it, avoid showering with your diamond jewelry. Put it back on after you finish showering, drying, and after you apply lotions and other cosmetics. The cosmetics buildup can lead to your diamond looking lifeless and dull.

And if you’re using soap and shampoo with strong chemicals, this too can impact the shine of your jewelry. Most people assume that it’s perfectly fine to wear jewelry in the shower – but in reality, it’s better to keep it out of the shower. 

If you’re keen on taking care of your diamond jewelry, that is.

And what about getting a piece of dirt out from underneath the gemstone? You can use a toothpick or a Q-tip – simply push the dirt out. After that, clean it as usual. 

That’s a good method of taking care of your diamond jewelry as it keeps it from looking dirty.

When you’re not wearing it, keep your diamond ring – or any other piece of diamond jewelry – in its original box or a separate jewelry bag. For extra protection, store your diamond jewelry in a safe to prevent theft.

Do I Need To Get My Diamond Insured?

The risks of your diamond getting damaged or stolen are always present. Insurance may seem like an additional expense that you don’t need, but it’s as important as insurance on your car or home.

Having insurance on your diamond jewelry is highly recommended by all professionals.

There are a few things you need to do before insuring your diamond, though.

If you have home insurance, you can just add a jewelry rider to your insurance. Alternatively, you can also get insurance with a specialty insurer. Either way, remember to read the fine print.

With an investment such as a diamond ring, it’s rather vital to know the different characteristics of your diamond. Knowing its carat weight, cut, and even the metal used for the band is helpful, especially when you’re handling insurance.

Make sure you get your diamond insured, so you have peace of mind if the events like theft or damage occur.

Whether you want to buy a diamond or you’ve received a diamond from someone else, it’s often a good idea to talk to a professional at the jewelry store. They will guide you through the proper care for your diamond. Plus, they can even recommend a specific jewelry cleaner you can use.

When buying a diamond, see if it has a warranty. Even without it, make sure you visit your jeweler about once a year for maintenance. They will be able to check the setting and will clean your diamond jewelry professionally.

On that note: A loose setting can cause the diamond to displace, so bringing it to a professional is an excellent way to ensuring the diamond stays put and avoid getting chipped or damaged.

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Do I Need To Have My Diamond Professionally Cleaned?

When you take diamond jewelry to the store you purchased it from, it will be cleaned using ultrasonic cleaners or steam. You won’t get a chance to clean your diamond like this at home – and that’s why this is an essential step in taking care of your diamond jewelry.

Additionally, your jeweler will polish your diamond jewelry if you ask for it. That’s done by using a polishing wheel – it removes minor scratches and makes the jewelry shinier.

It’s the perfect way of taking care of your diamond jewelry – and without it, your gem might lose its sparkle.

Have White Gold Metals Re-Plated

White gold diamond jewelry requires re-dipping or rhodium plating about twice a year. Make sure it’s cleaned and polished properly before re-plating it. Of course, this is best done by a professional jeweler.

Get Rings Resized

Your finger size can change drastically due to weight gain or loss. It can also change depending on the season, during pregnancy, and so on.

However, it’s not recommended or even convenient to resize diamond rings several times, so be sure to find a ring size that suits you the best.

It should be loose enough that it’s comfortable to wear – but tight enough that it remains on your finger and doesn’t slip.

Getting your diamond ring resized too often can result in damaging your piece of jewelry. You’d want to take care of the diamond ring as much as possible and not ruin it, right?

Avoid resizing your diamond ring too much to keep the quality at its best.

Bottom Line

“What makes diamonds lose their sparkle?” That was the original question. Now, here’s the main takeaway:

Diamonds are bound to collect dust, dirt, and oils from daily wear. These can all build up on the surface of your gem and make it appear lifeless and dull – and, of course, lose its sparkle.

There are plenty of methods to use at home to clean your diamond and make it look sparkly again, though. So, don’t worry about it too much. A little TLC now and then will be enough for your diamond to keep its lovely sparkle.

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