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Diamond Care: How To Take Care Of Your Diamonds

Diamond Care: How To Take Care Of Your Diamonds

Due to ignorance, most people will, sooner or later, unintentionally lower the value of their diamonds. They believe that just because diamonds are nearly indestructible – they can have a leisurely approach to their precious stones from the moment that they are bought.

If you wish to protect and preserve the overall appearance and value of your diamonds, then we highly suggest that you dig deep into this article.

The article “Diamond care: How to take care of your diamonds” will always be available to all of you that care deeply for your precious stones. Should you wear diamonds all the time? How frequently should you clean them? Where should you keep them when you aren’t wearing them?

As soon as you finish reading this article, we guarantee that you’ll learn everything there is on how to take care of your diamonds properly!

Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Diamonds

Regardless of how old you are: sooner or later, you’ll be interested in buying jewelry that’s embedded with diamonds. If you’re a man, and you fell in love so much that you want to marry your significant other, then you’ll need to buy an engagement ring that has a diamond on it.

On the other hand, all women are attracted to shiny jewelry, especially those that are embedded with diamonds. These days, it’s nearly impossible to fight these rules, as diamonds represent, to a certain degree, the status of someone’s wealth. 

Throughout history, diamond-embedded jewelry was only worn by the nobility. Fortunately, today’s economic system allows for all people, regardless of their monetary predispositions, to buy and wear diamonds.

Still, if you wish to buy a diamond, you’ll need to understand that for you to buy the most basic one that’s only one carat, you’ll need to pay up to $2000. Diamonds have relatively balanced prices and follow the general flow of the free market – all diamonds cost the same.

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What Determines The Price Of Diamonds?

But, depending on which diamond you are looking for, you might need to pay significantly more than what’s previously mentioned in this article. Diamonds’ number of carats, color, cut, and clarity all raise or lower the overall price of a diamond accordingly.

If you wish to buy a bigger and heavier diamond, then you’ll need to own a bigger and heavier wallet at your disposal. Depending on how transparent is the diamond that piques your interest – you’ll need to pay for it correspondingly. 

The same can be said for the color of the diamond – if it’s “white”, then it will cost more. But, there are certain unique diamond colors that are extremely rare, and because of that, they might even cost as much as white ones, if not even more.

The last thing that determines the price of all diamonds is the grade of a cut. If you come across a diamond that has an unreasonably high price, the chances are that that diamond was cut by a well-known professional in the diamond-making industry.

All of this is commonly referred to as the 4 C’s of diamonds. If you wish to learn more about that: we got you covered – click on the link here, and you’ll learn everything there is about the 4 C’s of diamonds!

Unfortunately, just because you have successfully acquired the money necessary to buy a piece of jewelry that’s embedded with diamonds – that won’t give you the knowledge on how to take care of your future diamonds properly.

Because of that, most people, especially those that lack basic experience on diamonds regrettably sooner or later cause some harm to their precious stones. Don’t be fooled by the fact that diamonds are the hardest natural material – they can easily chip or break if mishandled.

We believe that all jewelers should be educated enough and prepared to help and inform all people that buy diamonds from their store on how to take care of them properly. Unfortunately, most jewelers won’t offer that kind of help on their own.

Because of that, we gathered our best experts to create an article that will be of use to all people, regardless of how much they know about diamonds.

To preserve the overall appearance and value of your precious diamonds, you need to know how to interact with them in any given situation. 

Remembering all of the details listed here might be challenging at first. But you shouldn’t worry – you can always return here to reexamine everything there is about taking care of your diamonds, starting with:

The General Rules Of Wearing Diamond Jewelry

The overall awareness of when and how people should wear their diamond-embedded jewelry was always nearly nonexistent. People usually think that nothing wrong could occur whenever they decide to leisurely wear diamonds.

Contrary to their beliefs, there are a specific set of rules that need to be followed if you plan on wearing jewelry every single day. This is especially true for all of you that are actively moving during the day and night.

Depending on where and how you need to travel to work, you’ll need to pay close attention to how you wear your jewelry that’s embedded with diamonds:

  • If you’re traveling by bus or train, it’s highly recommended that you store your diamonds in a purse or suitcase. Or, at the very least, try to hide them by covering your jewelry with clothes.
  • While you’re driving somewhere, you can wear your diamonds without worrying if someone will try to steal them. But, we would still recommend that you place your diamond-embedded jewelry in one of your cars’ drawers.
  • Depending on how long it takes for you to get to your workplace – it’s wise to consider not even wearing any diamond-embedded jewelry. Precious stones shouldn’t be worn leisurely every single day, especially if you need to stay on your feet all day long.

Regardless of how much you sweat during your working hours – all precious stones, especially diamonds, shouldn’t be exposed to sweat all the time. 

Should Diamonds Be Worn Every Day?

Whenever you touch something, you’ll inevitably leave a portion of yourself on that object. That portion is what’s commonly referred to as skin oil. All humans, regardless of their age and physical predispositions are leaking, to a certain degree, oils from their bodies.

Most inorganic objects aren’t affected by those oils. But, diamonds on the other hand can suffer from being in contact with human sweat and oil all the time. 

Fortunately, the only consequence manifesting from diamonds making contact with human bodily fluids is the stones becoming dirty. 

Most people don’t pay close attention to this, as they believe that even if their stone gets dirty – that fact won’t affect the value of their diamonds by lowering it. This is a common misconception – if you leave your diamonds in bad conditions, then they will deteriorate over time.

To prevent that from happening, the first thing that you should pay close attention to is that you should only occasionally wear your diamond-embedded jewelry. We recommend that people should wear their diamonds only two to three times per week.

Anything more than that can harm the appearance of your diamonds, which can potentially force your diamonds to lose value. But, if you believe that wearing diamonds two to three times per week is not harmful, then we propose a simple solution.

Regardless of how frequently you wish to wear jewelry that’s embedded with diamonds – you should wash your precious stones regularly. (more on that later)

While reading all of this, we believe that the question of whether to wear diamonds during your training session inside the gym should be self-explanatory. To put it as simply as possible: avoid wearing your diamonds whenever you wish to hit the gym.

During your training sessions, you’ll inevitably leak more bodily fluids due to exercising. Try not to jeopardize your diamonds’ appearance by exposing them to an abnormal amount of sweat!

While discussing the general rules of wearing diamonds, it’s impossible to avoid discussing the importance of mixing the right metals with your diamonds.

What does that mean?

Whenever you decide to buy a piece of jewelry that’s embedded with diamonds, that piece will be made from either gold or platinum. On some extremely rare occasions, you could find diamonds that were embedded in silver jewelry.

Some people wish to bypass the shiny yellow color of gold. Because of that, they decide to order custom-made jewelry that’s made from silver and has embedded diamonds. If you ask us, we highly recommend that you avoid doing that.

Long story short: silver isn’t durable enough to bear the weight of diamonds. Pure silver is out of the question, so some jewelers use sterling silver to fix that problem. But, we still believe that 925 silver isn’t capable of keeping diamonds intact.

If you wish to learn more about that, then we suggest that you click on the link here!

So, when the time comes for you to start wearing diamond-embedded jewelry – remember to buy jewelry that’s made from either gold or platinum, as they will effortlessly keep your diamonds in check!

Depending on what type of jewelry you are wearing – you’ll need to pay close attention to what your diamonds are exposed to. Special lotions and hand creams usually possess chemicals that can harm the quality of your diamonds. 

So, whenever you decide to use hand cream to moisturize your hands – remember to take your bracelets and rings, especially if they are embedded with diamonds! The same goes for perfumes – take off your diamond necklaces before spraying perfume on your neck!

As soon as you understand the previous rules of wearing diamonds, you can take the next step, where you will take a closer look at where you should place your diamonds.

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Keep Your Diamonds Somewhere Safe

Some people will be privileged to have the ability to work from home. If you’re one of them, then you have probably realized by now that wearing diamonds isn’t something that should be done every single day.

So, what should you do with your diamonds whenever you don’t need or plan on wearing them?

Most people disregard this topic, as they believe that storing their diamonds isn’t something that should be important. As long as they can find their diamonds, they don’t need to worry about the general whereabouts of their precious stones.

We can’t stress enough how incorrect this is! Regardless of how clean or small your house or apartment might be – diamonds should always be stored somewhere where they are covered and protected.

First things first: diamonds, just like most other inorganic things, shouldn’t be left unattended in direct sunlight. Without our sun, we wouldn’t have fresh air. But, when it comes to mixing direct sunlight and diamonds, the result isn’t as good as you might think.

Although nothing bad will occur when direct sunlight is hitting diamonds – the stone itself can be blatantly seen by others. This can get pretty messy when children and pets are involved, as they unintentionally might try to swallow the stone. (more on that later)

Invest In A Safe!

So, the first rule for keeping your diamonds safe whenever you don’t wear them is to store them somewhere where they aren’t exposed to sunlight. By that, we commonly refer to safes or other special crates that are inaccessible by others.

Most people believe that buying a safe just so that they can store their diamond-embedded jewelry is over-the-top. But, when it comes to protecting your diamonds from any unwanted attention, there isn’t a better solution.

Placing them in random drawers isn’t recommended at all, as they can get quickly mixed with your other stuff, and those objects might even harm the stone itself. Although diamonds are the hardest natural material, they can be damaged if certain conditions are met:

  1. Hitting your diamond directly with a robust object like a steel hammer will, at the very least, crack a diamond. But most commonly shatter it into small pieces.
  2. Placing your diamond somewhere where it can get in close contact with sharp objects might cause the diamonds to suffer some damage. Depending on how close and sharp the object is, the diamonds might sustain a cut or get chipped.

All diamonds have cleavage patterns that are acting as weak spots of those stones. Regardless of how lightly the contact between them is, if a foreign object hits a diamond directly on one of its cleavage patterns, the diamond will immediately break in two.

If you wish to learn more about the diamonds’ cleavage patterns, then we suggest that you click on the link here!

With that being said, try to avoid putting your valuable stones in drawers that are filled with other objects that can harm the integrity of the diamonds. To prevent that from happening, try to buy a small safe or crate that will keep your diamonds safe whenever you don’t wish to wear them.

Depending on what other valuables you might put into that same safe or crate, it might be wise to consider wrapping your diamonds in a piece of cloth before placing them inside those boxes.

Other stones and pieces of jewelry might unintentionally damage your diamonds if they are making direct contact with your diamonds. Just to be safe: at the very least, try to wrap your diamonds in a tissue or some old cloth that all of us have somewhere in the house.

By doing so, you’ll effortlessly separate the diamonds from other objects found inside your safe.

Secondly: those safes or crates that will contain your diamonds should be placed somewhere where they are out of reach. Kids nowadays aren’t aware of causal relationships. Because of that, they might find it funny to play with your valuable stones.

To prevent that from happening, place the object in which you’re storing your diamonds somewhere where your kids can’t find them. A fine example is to place them somewhere high, like in the top-most part of one of your closets.

Depending on how frequently you’re wearing your diamonds, it might be even wise to consider placing some of your diamonds in a bank. When we say the bank, we mean the safes that are banks offering to common people, to store money or other valuable objects.

This is especially necessary for all of you that find investing in diamonds a profitable thought. There’s no place safer for storing a large number of diamonds than a fully secured bank that offers impenetrable safes.

To sum this segment up: if you plan on preserving the quality of your diamonds, then we highly recommend that you invest in a safe, regardless of it being inside your house or in a bank. Keep your diamonds protected at all times, especially when you don’t wear them!

Clean Your Diamonds Regularly

Like with all things in life, if you plan on preserving the overall quality and appearance of certain objects, then the only choice that we all have is to clean those objects regularly. This is especially necessary for humans and animals, as we, just like them, need to wash frequently.

When it comes to preserving the shiny sparkles of all diamonds, the first thing that comes to mind is to clean them as frequently as possible. But, before we begin to dissect the cleaning process of diamonds, it’s highly recommended that you read the previous statements again.

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Cleaning something that isn’t taken care of every single day is meaningless. Some stains can get so dirty that they can’t be removed. Unfortunately, things like this occur when handling diamonds.

Professional jewelers won’t point out this to people. But, as soon as you buy a piece of jewelry that’s embedded with diamonds, you should pay close attention to when and how frequently you’ll need to clean your newly bought precious stones.

Depending on the type of jewelry, diamonds will be embedded in a way that either allows you to separate them from the jewelry piece itself or not. 

If we are discussing wristwatches and rings, then there will be a slim chance that you’ll have the ability to separate the diamonds from those pieces of jewelry. On the other hand, stuff like necklaces and bracelets will usually offer the user to detach the diamonds from them.

If your diamond can’t be separated from your accessory, then we suggest that you take that piece of jewelry at least once or twice per year to the jeweler for cleaning. (more on that later)

So, how are diamonds cleaned?

Regardless of their size and shape, all diamonds need to be cleaned frequently. When we say frequently, we need to point out the difference between diamonds that are worn every single day, and the ones that are sitting firmly in a safe somewhere:

  1. Diamonds that are close to you should be cleaned thoroughly, at least, once per three months.
  2. On the other hand, diamonds that aren’t being touched frequently can avoid the cleaning process for several years, depending on how controlled the environment that they are placed in is. Still, washing those diamonds once per year is recommended.

With that out of the way, let’s learn how to clean diamonds properly. There are a lot of different methods that can be implemented when cleaning diamonds. Some of them can be performed by using the average objects found in your house!

For example, you can create a cleaning solution. Head to your kitchen and try to find a transparent bowl. You can use one that isn’t transparent. But, we highly recommend that you try to find the glass one, as you’ll need to see what you are doing with the diamond at all times.

You don’t need to take your biggest bowl from the drawer – try to find one that can hold up to 200ml of water. Anything above will be overkill. But, if you plan on placing your entire piece of jewelry with the diamond still embedded, then consider using a bigger bowl.

When you find the bowl, head to the kitchen sink and turn the faucet on. Wait for a couple of seconds and turn the faucet in the direction which forces it to leak hot water. Warm water is better for dissolving and cleaning all objects, especially diamonds.

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Fill the bowl with hot water and carry it to the kitchen table. After that, return to the kitchen sink and find the dishwashing liquid that you use to clean the dishes. On a serious note: try to read the content of your dishwashing liquid – if it contains inorganic chemicals, then don’t use it for cleaning your diamonds.

If you don’t own a natural dishwashing liquid, you’ll need to buy one before trying to clean your diamonds. They are easily accessible – just go to your local market and ask the personnel there to point where you need to go to buy one bottle.

After you’ve acquired a bottle of natural dishwashing liquid, you can continue with the cleaning process. Pour several droplets of dishwashing liquid inside the bowl that’s filled with hot water and after that, stir the water until it mixes with the dishwashing liquid.

As soon as you finish with that, you can place your diamonds inside the bowl. Try to accomplish that as gently as possible, as you don’t want to make contact with the hot water. A safe method of doing that is to use a long, wooden object to place the diamond inside the bowl.

After that, you should leave the diamond to sit in the cleaning solution for at least 10 minutes. 

Depending on how dirty your diamond is, you might notice that the color of the water isn’t as transparent as it was 10 minutes ago. But, we highly doubt that you’ll manage to soil your diamonds to a degree where it will cause a change in the color of the water.

As soon as the 10-minute mark passes, you should take the diamond outside of the bowl. But be careful not to harm yourself in the process – the water might be still hot. Use the same method that you have used when you have placed the diamond inside of the hot bowl.

Grab one of your toothbrushes and begin to scrub the diamond as much as possible. It’s noteworthy to remember that most toothbrushes can’t damage the diamond. But, if you wish to preserve the other materials used when crafting the accessory, then try to use a soft toothbrush.

Carefully scrub for several minutes. Most people won’t even notice the difference between the before and after cleaning process. But, we assure you that your diamonds will be cleaner as soon as you finish scrubbing them. 

Most soil found on the surface of diamonds isn’t visible to the naked eye. Still, use this method to clean them at least once per three months. When you finish with the scrubbing process, you should wash the diamond in clean, running water to remove the remaining soap and dirt.

The final step is to dry the diamond with a towel thoroughly. After that, you’ll have a clean diamond that will shine more brightly! 

The other method of cleaning your diamonds is to soak them in an ammonia solution. That’s accomplished in the same way, but with using cold water. Just follow the previous steps and switch the dishwashing liquid with ammonia and you’ll be good to go!

Often Visit Your Trusted Jeweler

As we previously mentioned, regardless of how your diamond is embedded in a piece of jewelry, you should visit your trusted jeweler for an examination frequently. Every diamond has its own story – depending on how you treat it, it will return the favor in the same way.

If you take care of it to the best of your knowledge, then you’ll have a diamond that will hold its worth until the end of time. But, if you skip the cleaning process, or you mishandle your diamonds by treating them roughly, then you might accidentally damage them.

Accidents happen all the time: sometimes it can just take a swift, but a direct hit on one of your walls, and your diamond might suffer some damage, either internally or externally. Regular people don’t possess the tools necessary for examining the current state of their diamonds.

Luckily, professional jewelers are experts in that field and have all the tools necessary for looking closer at diamonds. If you believe that one of your diamonds was damaged during one of your endeavors, then we highly recommend that you visit your trusted jeweler.

It’s highly unlikely that you have damaged the diamond itself. But, if you have damaged the piece of jewelry that has the task of keeping the diamond in place, then you’ll need to repair that as soon as possible.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s a well-known fact that diamonds are extremely expensive stones, which when lost can cause a big financial hit. People usually lose their diamonds whenever they damage the accessory itself.

Because of that, whenever you suspect that you have damaged one of your pieces of jewelry – you should immediately transport that accessory to your trusted jeweler, especially if it’s embedded with diamonds.

It’s a jewelers job, at your request, to examine and evaluate the current condition of a diamond that’s currently in his hand. Professional jewelers usually charge a hefty price for that service.

But, if you ask us, it’s far better to check the overall condition of your diamonds and to find out that there’s nothing wrong with them than to ignore a broken piece of jewelry and to wear it every single day.

Due to ignorance, people lose their precious stones regularly – a quick trip to your trusted jeweler will keep you on track to not losing your diamond!

Ask The Jeweler To Clean Your Diamonds!

Fortunately, jewelers don’t just examine the current state of your diamonds – they can even clean them if you ask them to do so, which is what we highly recommend that you do at least once per year.

As we previously stated, some accessories are embedded with diamonds to a certain degree that you can’t separate the diamonds from the accessory without damaging the accessory itself.

Jewelers will know how to safely remove, clean, and assemble the accessory back together.

Just like the previous statement: it might be costly to ask them to do so. But if you plan to have shiny diamonds, then you’ll need to clean all of them, regardless of how hard it is to access them!

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Avoid These Things When Handling Diamonds!

As we slowly begin to see the end of this topic, we still see fit that there are a lot of things that might seem mundane at first. But it is extremely important to point out when discussing how to take care of your diamonds!

Depending on how old your kids are, you’ll need to determine whether they can comprehend the importance of how to handle diamonds. Regardless of their age, all kids will be highly invested in asking you to give them your accessories embedded with diamonds.

All children love to look and play with shiny objects, and there are only a few things that are as shiny as diamonds! But, just because your kid is asking you to give them your diamond necklace, that doesn’t mean that you should leisurely do that, especially if they are still young.

We believe that 16-year-old kids or younger shouldn’t be granted permission to use and wear your diamond-embedded jewelry. Regardless of how smart they are, youngsters nowadays lack the necessary knowledge on understanding how valuable diamonds are.

Because of that, avoid giving your diamonds to small children!

In an act of rebellion, they might try to steal your piece of jewelry that’s embedded with diamonds when you’re not looking. To prevent that from happening, we highly advise that you invest in a safe that will keep your valuables safe at all times.

While we’re at it – you shouldn’t place your diamonds somewhere where your house pets can find them. Most cats won’t try to eat a diamond. But, dogs, on the other hand, are far more unpredictable. There are numerous cases where house dogs have swallowed diamond jewelry.

Depending on how sharp and big the accessory is, your dog will either sustain small or big internal injuries. To avoid that, just like with kids – place your diamonds somewhere in a high and secured location.

If your job allows you to work from home, then you’ll shortly realize that wearing diamond-embedded jewelry inside isn’t fun at all. Because of that, you’ll soon begin to wear them less and less, until you completely stop wearing them inside your house.

Depending on where you leave them, it might be a pain to find them later, especially if you believe that owning a safe isn’t necessary. Earrings and rings can be a nuisance for wearing while cleaning the house or sleeping. We usually take them off and put them on a desk.

This isn’t a wise thing to do, especially if you’re currently cleaning the house with a vacuum cleaner. It takes a single mistake to knock down an earring on the ground and it gets extremely difficult to find it later, especially if it’s inside of your vacuum cleaner.

We can’t stress this enough: if you find the price of a safe to be high, then invest in a small crate, where you’ll store your diamonds while you’re busy in the house.

Whenever you decide to go on a family vacation, you should prepare yourself thoroughly, especially if you plan on wearing your diamond-embedded jewelry. Depending on where you wish to go, you should protect your diamond accessories accordingly.

If you plan on going for a hike with your family, then we highly recommend that you don’t wear jewelry that’s embedded with diamonds. If you accidentally lose your diamonds while walking through a forest, the chances of you finding that jewelry is extremely slim.

The same can be said if you plan on going to the sea for swimming – remember to leave your diamonds in your apartment. If the water possesses chlorine – that substance can damage and discolor the mounting of your diamonds. Not to mention that you could lose your diamonds somewhere while in the water.

Depending on where you are living, you’ll probably have all four seasons. Wearing jewelry that’s embedded with diamonds won’t be troublesome most of the time. But, when winter comes, it will manifest certain problems:

  • If you need to wear multiple layers of clothes due to extremely low temperatures. But wish to wear diamond-embedded jewelry, then you’ll need to pay close attention if your accessory gets enabled in your clothes. If that happens, don’t panic and slowly disentangle the piece of cloth that’s stuck on the diamond.
  • Wearing diamond rings and gloves is nearly impossible and should be avoided at all times. Depending on the materials used for making the gloves, you might lose the ability to fill your ring properly. Due to lack of feeling, you might injure yourself or damage the ring.
  • The same can be said for wearing a hat and a set of diamond earrings at the same time – avoid that as much as possible as the risk of injuring yourself is too high.

Diamond Care – Epilogue

With this, the Diamond care: How to take care of your diamonds article has come to an end. We highly recommend that you stop by from time to time, to reexamine your knowledge on how to take care of diamonds, as there will always be several things that will be neglected or forgotten.

If we had to shorten the answer of this topic to the absolute lowest point, then try to remember the following:

  • Only buy diamonds from trusted jewelers.
  • Don’t wear them every day, especially if you have multiple layers of clothes.
  • When traveling, hide your diamonds somewhere safe.
  • Whenever you don’t wear your diamond-embedded jewelry, you should place them in a safe or crate.
  • Learn how to clean your diamonds without damaging them.

We believe that everyone who learns this article from top to bottom will have the necessary knowledge on how to take care of their diamonds. Feel free to return whenever you have doubts about something – the answer to your question will be hidden somewhere above!

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