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Why Do People Gift Diamonds? Gems As The Perfect Gift

Why Do People Gift Diamonds? Gems As The Perfect Gift

Many people have difficulty coming up with innovative gift ideas for the people they care about – especially when all they want is to impress them. 

However, we’re confident that at least once in your life, you’ve contemplated the idea of gifting a priceless diamond to a beloved one. It’s undeniable that gifting someone jewelry is an incredibly personal act that may leave a lasting impression.

But why do people gift diamonds?

Maybe it’s because, as someone wise said, there are only two beautiful things created by nature – women and diamonds. Or, perhaps it is more because at least a hundred tons of ore must first be removed before a carat of diamonds can be found.

Keep reading to find out why these precious gemstones are still considered a perfect gift!

What Makes A Diamond A Perfect Present? 

Most people agree that a diamond is one of the most valuable gems in the world. Its creation, which involves the crystallization of carbon at very high temperatures in the Earth’s subsurface, may take over a million years. Plus, they are incredibly rare.

You maybe didn’t know this, but diamond’s roots are quite old. It’s thought that they were mined and utilized as early as 6000 years ago in India. And you can only find a carat of diamonds after removing at least a hundred tons of ore from the ground. After six months of hard labor, a single carat may be discovered by a miner.

Finally, the diamond results from a very skilled manual and artisan process. The raw gemstone does not sparkle and does not have all the facets that we’re all used to in its natural condition: It is only through the skillful labor of artisans and gemologists that the gemstone becomes that gleaming rock that we adore.

So, the long journey a diamond goes through before it appears on a piece of jewelry means that it must be a remarkable gift. However, let us go through some more facts.

There’s Nothing Like Diamond’s Beauty

A diamond’s transparent beauty, brilliance, and inner fire have made it a sought-after treasure for generations. Because each stone has its unique qualities, no two diamonds will ever be the same. 

Each gem, like its owner, has a distinct character and personality. And who doesn’t want to receive a present that is one-of-a-kind and mesmerizingly beautiful?

Diamonds Are Forever

The majority of presents aren’t purchased to increase in value over time. Gifts are often focused on the “now,” which is entirely acceptable. 

However, if a present may be utilized and cherished today and in the future, it is unquestionably profitable to the receiver. The endurance of a stone is assessed on a scale referred to as the “Mohs’ Hardness Scale,” in case you didn’t know. Scores on the scale vary from 1 to 10 or from softest to hardest. 

Due to its exceptional durability, the diamond establishes the industry benchmark with a perfect ten-point Mohs hardness grade. As a result, diamond jewelry is the ideal present that could be enjoyed every day for the rest of one’s life!

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Diamond Is A Wise Investment 

Diamonds are a secure way of investing for anyone who wants to safeguard their money. Cut, color, clarity, and carat weight are all important considerations when purchasing this valuable stone since they determine the gem’s value.

In the long run, owning a diamond isn’t extremely costly. Yet, the longer you keep a diamond, the more valuable it becomes! In fact, these gemstones are the most concentrated manner of keeping wealth.

It Represents Eternal Love

Until the 15th century, only monarchs could afford to wear diamonds. Back then, these precious stones were a sign of power, fortitude, and invincibility. 

Nevertheless, the significance of longevity – and the endurance of a diamond to immense stress – gave meaning to the idea of presenting a diamond as a gift that is fundamentally associated with love over the years.

For example, many people wear diamond jewelry to symbolize their commitment to one another and their capacity to persevere through both good and bad times. A diamond-encrusted engagement ring is an even more memorable symbol of commitment; the man is pledging his eternal love with it.

Can Be Handed Down Through Generations

Think about the presents you’ve received throughout the years – and now consider which ones are still in use. Most of those you’re still using are either brand new or ready to retire.

Clothing fades, tears, and eventually falls out of style. Electronics are often replaced by newer – and better – products before you have a chance to explore them fully. A car’s lifespan begins the moment it is purchased and ends when it first exhibits signs of aging.

For eternity, the diamond remains a precious gem. Its history is as long and extensive as it can be. A valuable treasure of memories and thoughts, it could be passed down through numerous generations – making it a priceless gem of heritage.

There’s A Perfect Diamond Gift For Everyone 

When it comes to gift shopping, one of the most challenging parts is trying to find the perfect present for each individual on your list. Well, all ages are relevant when it comes to diamond jewelry. 

Consider beautiful studs or bracelets for your little ones, a pendant necklace for the adolescent, a variety of alternatives for younger and middle-aged people – and enormous statement pieces for those in their golden years. 

When you give jewelry as a gift, you get to satisfy people of all ages with a single gift idea and, in some cases, a single retailer. How’s that for efficient shopping? 

Diamonds Suit Any Personality

Finding the right gift for someone might be tough since it can be hard to distinguish whether or not it would fit their persona. Gifts that are appropriate for certain people may not be suitable for others – and vice versa.

Diamonds can be worn by everyone, though, whether they’re shy and reserved or outgoing and lively. And when it comes to colored gems, the ability to choose a hue that the recipient will most likely identify with is beyond handy.

Diamonds Are For All Body And Skin Types

Another argument why diamond jewelry is such a wonderful present is that it includes all people and cultures. It’s impossible to deny that certain things are designed with specific body shapes and skin tones in mind – and are, thus, inappropriate for those who do not fit into the particular box.

Jewelry, on the other hand, is different. It’s all-inclusive: Diamonds are ideal for and appear fantastic on all body and skin types, from the skinniest to the biggest and from the lightest to the darkest. 

The key is determining which diamond shape and setting combination looks the best on you and which one you are most comfortable wearing.

For What Events Do People Buy Diamonds?

While most women would probably say that there shouldn’t be a special reason for someone to buy diamond jewelry for them, there are some occasions when it is always a wonderful present idea – and even part of the tradition. 

Here we’ve listed some special occasions that may require a diamond gift.


Wedding anniversaries are a popular time for couples to celebrate their marriage by purchasing diamond jewelry. Note that, on some anniversaries, it’s considered tradition to gift your spouse a specific shape of a diamond. 

When it comes to the first proper milestone of 10 years, diamonds are almost always purchased in the shape of a semi eternity ring or diamond studs.


It’s always a good idea to buy jewelry as a gift to celebrate a beloved one’s birthday. There is no need for a large piece of diamond jewelry or an extremely expensive one. For birthdays, you might pick a gift that has a personal meaning or reflects the month of the year when that person was born.

According to the American Gem Society, each month of the year is connected with a particular gemstone. Diamond, for instance, is the birthstone for April, but purchasing a diamond is always a wise choice – regardless of the month.

New Baby

The birth of a child is one of life’s most joyous occasions. As a result, it’s a great idea to acquire diamond jewelry for the said event, as it will be a constant reminder of this special day and your child. And according to tradition, the eternity ring and the trilogy ring appear to be the most preferred designs: 

Many tiny diamonds are put tightly together in a line to make up an eternity band. The trilogy ring is a ring with three diamonds, which can either be the same carat size or somewhat larger than the gems on each side of the central stone.


When congratulating a loved one who’s graduating from high school or maybe earning a college degree, a diamond is a wonderful gift choice. The hard effort that goes into such accomplishments deserves to be recognized, after all. 

Your gift may even be tailored to the recipient’s graduation celebration if you can personalize it in some way – which makes it an even better gift.

Choosing A Diamond As A Gift 

Find out how to figure out a person’s style – and the kinds of jewelry that make the greatest gifts – in the sections below to help you navigate the sea of options when selecting a diamond gift.


A diamond necklace is a thoughtful gift that your loved one will cherish for a lifetime. A single pendant – with a separate chain – is available for those who like to keep things simple. You’ll have the last say regarding size, cut, quality, and diamond setting.

If your loved one already has the diamond “basics” covered in their jewelry collection, there are plenty of stylish diamond necklaces for the more fashion-forward individuals.

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A pair of simple diamond studs can be worn throughout the week – and during the weekend – by any lady, regardless of her style. With a wide variety of pricing ranges, you will be able to find the perfect present for pretty much anyone with pierced ears by choosing the right carat weight, cut, and quality.

Look for diamond drop earrings if she already has diamond studs or if her style is more feminine or extravagant. Pear-shaped diamonds in ornate settings are common in drop earrings – and will come with either a clip-on or screw-back mechanism

Another popular choice is hoops. They can go from formal to casual depending on the clothes – which makes them the perfect diamond gift!


Wearing a diamond bracelet will serve as a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness – and your feelings – throughout the day. In addition to completing her bracelet stack, a basic bangle adorned with one or more diamonds in the selected metal looks stunning on its own.

Tennis bracelets encrusted with diamonds are a timeless classic for men – and are available in a wide range of carat sizes and qualities to suit any wallet. Any lady who enjoys dressing up for special occasions, such as opening nights at the theater or long meals at her favorite restaurant, might benefit from wearing an ornate filigree cuff.


Even if you’re married or engaged, gifting her a diamond ring to wear in addition to her wedding jewelry is a fantastic option. A diamond ring style that is a little more modern or stylish than her wedding jewelry will generally be a highly welcome present. 

Pick a diamond ring studded with colored gems to add some glitz to her jewelry collection. If she prefers fancier patterns, a right-hand ring with a floral pattern or a plain, square-cut diamond in a bezel setting would be something she’ll want to show off every day.

The perfect diamond jewelry is out there, waiting to be picked as a gift – no matter your budget!


So, let’s sum up – why do people gift diamonds?

Few people can afford to gift jewelry – but those who can generally prefer diamonds since they are the queens of all gems. And besides, this is a luxurious present that’ll be remembered for a lifetime. 

They claim that “a diamond is timeless” and that “who gives a diamond, gives a treasure” since these gems will not lose their sparkle even after ages – and their worth would only rise with time.

As previously said, purchasing a piece of diamond jewelry will be a process that must consider the personality, motives, preferences, and everything else essential about the individual you are buying it for – but: If you manage to do that, the diamond gift will leave an unforgettable impression on the life of the one who receives such a precious present.

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