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Why Do Men Wear Diamonds? Is It OK for Men to Wear Them?

Why Do Men Wear Diamonds? Is It OK for Men to Wear Them?

Many of you may not be aware that in the past, men wore costly jewelry to show off their status. Jewelry collections of the wealthy – including royalty – were decked out with valuable stones like diamonds and rubies. 

But has that changed? Are women now the primary diamond wearers? The answer to that is most likely – yes. However, one of the most exciting eras in men’s fashion is now upon us. Creative directors are now designing memorable pieces and collections that are likely to attract male audiences; the focus is no longer on all things feminine. 

The growing selection of clothing, jewelry pieces, and fabrics only adds to men’s success in the fashion industry. In light of the above, let’s discuss –  why do men wear diamonds?

Are Diamonds Men’s Best Friend?

Do you think that diamonds are just for women? Well, you might want to rethink that. Below, we’ve listed five reasons why diamonds are – and have always been – men’s closest friends. 

1. Men Did It First

At some point around 300 BC, diamonds were found in India for the first time. The ancient cultures of India, Rome, and Greece all depict men and women alike wearing many different kinds of jewelry – and diamonds, as soon as they were discovered, almost immediately became a part of it.

How can we be sure that men were the first to utilize them? There’s no denying that it’s unfair, but in those days, men were given the upper hand. If there were gems, they would grab them for themselves first – and then let the ladies pick and select what they wanted.

Of course, the diamonds they had back then weren’t anything like the ones we have now. These ancient Roman diamond rings featured rough, uncut, and barely polished early Indian diamonds. And this style of rough and coarse setting was particularly appealing to men. Even King Tut had diamonds embedded in a comet glass scarab. And according to recent scientific findings, the comet impact created these eerie-looking diamond particles in Libyan glass.

Diamonds have been the driving force behind many bold and adventurous explorers throughout the years, as well. By sailing via Africa in 1499, Vasco da Gama established a new maritime route to Asia that brought him more than just valuable spices, as is well-documented in history books. Yup, you guessed it – we’re talking about Indian diamonds.

2. Diamonds Mean Power

King Louis IX banned anyone – except members of the Royal Family – from wearing diamonds. Aristocratic men and women both wore these gems, not as jewelry but woven into their attire to display their riches, grandeur – and yes, their power.

Ancient Hindu texts dating back thousands of years also allude to diamonds as the warrior god’s weapons: According to one legend, a mythical ancient Indian ruler who had a colorless stone that glowed with every hue of the rainbow could never be defeated by any force of arms or manpower.

In the wild, some of the world’s deadliest creatures, such as this diamondback rattlesnake, are characterized by their signature diamond pattern. Because of their strength, in China, diamonds were regarded as the ancient equivalent of power tools. A single diamond could readily cut designs in jade or pearls.

Jewelry for men has been more than just attractive ornaments throughout history. Frequently, it had a practical purpose. For example, Roman signet rings were used as signatures as well as decorative keys for ages. Also, men’s clothes were fastened with silver jeweled pins in ancient Rome and Greece.

3. Diamonds Are a Symbol of Masculinity and Health

It’s easy to understand how the diamond’s legendary durability and attractiveness came to be associated with virility and masculinity. Both men and women have worn jewelry from the beginning of time as a sign of riches and rank – but also for protection against evil and sickness.

According to Hindu tradition, diamonds excel in purifying all chakras as well as all aura levels. There are several health benefits associated with diamonds, including their ability to promote a healthy cardiovascular system and endocrine system – and their ability to link the mind with the body.

Besides, the Greek word “Adamas,” which means “invincible” or “indestructible,” is the origin of the term diamond. Diamonds have traditionally been regarded as mystical because of their mysterious origins. And even today, in the modern world, the medicinal applications for precious stones are almost limitless. 

Even Canada’s Nature Magazine 300 and the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center say that the small “diamonds” are being utilized with some anticancer medications to boost their efficacy.

The diamond is also referred to as the “master healer” by modern homeopaths: This substance is believed to have huge effects on virility and sexual well-being in homeopathic solutions.

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4. Diamonds Are Now Better Than Ever

Diamonds – as we know them now – were not around in ancient times. They were duller, looking more like a rock than a precious stone.

Ancient Indians thought that cutting diamonds would remove their magical and healing powers. However, Western jewelers in the Middle Ages started to polish the form of diamonds they sold, progressively developing procedures now considered universal.

Men’s diamonds are now more widely available than ever before. There are the usual ones like watches and rings as well as cufflinks and tie clips to choose from – but don’t underestimate the charm of a single diamond earring, for example. 

Here’s another suggestion: Diamond-studded watch bracelet chains are beautiful and thick enough to signal your status as an adult man.

Today’s jewelers are exploring well beyond the typical gold and silver options when it comes to settings. Consider white gold, platinum, or perhaps even stainless steel as possible materials. Of course, you want to avoid fragile gems at all costs. 

Fortunately, jewelers now know more than ever what guys want – and it’s rarely feminine details with several little diamonds. It is preferable to select a large stone over a bunch of smaller gems that are hardly visible. 

Keep in mind the narrow line separating class and vulgarity. Allow your intuition to direct you into jewelry that does not scream “feminine.”

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5. Women Can’t Resist Diamonds

Diamonds have a hypnotic allure that can’t be denied. But here’s something you might not even realize: Women are usually drawn to men who wear diamonds – whether it’s in the form of modest stud earrings or the more opulent gasp of a tie pin.

When a man takes the time to select a gem for himself properly, he will immediately distinguish himself from the crowd, as most females can tell if their mother or sister picked out their jewelry for them. It instantly creates the “copacetic man” atmosphere, letting women know that in some way, he’s a secure, pleasant, emotionally stable partner.

On some level, diamonds are still a symbol of wealth, health, and style – as they have been for ages. However, this provides women with a sense of security, even though women don’t necessarily like to admit it nowadays. As it turns out, most women still desire a physically and financially competent and stable man.

And lastly, a diamond shows women that a man is not frightened of commitment, at least in the form of an investment in higher quality goods. Wearing a diamond also suggests that he might one day be able – and willing – to choose a diamond for her.

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Types of Diamond Jewelry for Men

Many guys believe that a watch is the only piece of jewelry they can accessorize with – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even though a fashionable watch is always a beautiful accessory, there are so many different diamond-embedded pieces to choose from to complete a look.

Diamond jewelry for males includes cufflinks, tie pins, signet rings, wedding rings – and other conventional diamond jewelry. Modern men, on the other hand, are aware that the list is far from complete. With that said, there are several types of diamond jewelry for men to choose from today:


You probably picture an engagement ring when you think about diamond rings. Nevertheless, the craze for men’s jewelry is here to stay. 

Men’s rings are now seen more as signets or rings of a different significance than before. Even more so, they are now being worn for fashion reasons. Male elegance and charisma are enhanced when signet rings are coupled with tuxedos or suits.

There are plenty of different ring styles available – from simple bands with diamond accents to rings with a huge center stone. It all depends on what you favor the most.

Some of the ring styles for men are listed below:

  • Fashion Rings – Fashion rings exist in a variety of styles and are often used to express one’s sense of fashion. 
  • Diamond Wedding Bands – When wearing a casual shirt and jeans, a  sophisticated yet simple diamond ring band is the ideal accessory. It doesn’t matter what you wear, really; these rings will go with it. It is becoming more trendy to use contemporary bands as engagement rings in which an eye-catching but modest diamond is placed. 
  • Cluster Rings – A cluster ring is an excellent choice for signet rings. The diamonds may be arranged in any pattern or shape that you like.


Men’s diamond earrings follow rings as the second most popular piece of diamond jewelry for a man. Of course, earrings are often used for aesthetic reasons rather than practical ones. 

You can now make your outfit stand out by wearing pendants with straightforward patterns that show off your uniqueness. A cross or a zodiac sign are two common symbols of masculine pendants. It’s possible to wear them with any clothing – and achieve that dramatic effect.

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Rich and famous people worldwide have long sought after – and collected – luxury watches as a kind of a hobby. The rarity of a particular watch might boost its worth, making it somewhat of an investment item for certain people. 

Men’s diamond jewelry – especially diamond-studded timepieces – might be a great investment and an excellent addition to your jewelry collection. Different watch manufacturers and designers have unique styles of diamond-studded watches, so you’ll be able to choose the one that’s right for you. 

Ultimately, it’s all about choosing a design that works best for you and fits your style.


The widespread myth holds that diamond necklaces are solely intended for female wearers. But we think of a diamond pendant as a tiny piece of jewelry that may be worn on a chain by women and men alike. 

And if you know where to look, you’ll find diamond jewelry made in many different ways.Here are some types of diamond necklaces for men: 

  • Diamond Pendants – Compared to women, males wear diamond pendants in prominent sizes. There’s a broad range of styles available – from simple solitaires to more elaborate clusters of diamonds – making it an excellent first-time buyer’s necklace option.
  • Diamond Chains – In addition to pendants, diamond chains are a popular choice for men’s diamond necklaces. Many musicians and actors who have achieved fame and fortune in the entertainment business have adopted this as a status symbol.
  • Diamond Cross – Men’s diamond necklaces often take the form of a cross, which is a classic example. It’s a fashion accessory – but it’s also a religious one.

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Leather bracelets are popular among young males. It gives them a rough and edgy appearance. And although there are many attractive leather bracelets available, they might make you seem to be a bit of a bad guy. They don’t represent the refined guy you are. 

So, here’s a suggestion: You should consider wearing something more sophisticated for a more elegant appearance. Diamond bracelets are becoming more popular among men. There are two types of diamond bracelets for men – tennis and link bracelets. 

The tennis bracelet with black diamonds, in particular, is an excellent choice for men.

Conclusion: Why Do Men Wear Diamonds? 

Finally, let us summarize what we have learned on the topic of why do men wear diamonds?

Throughout the history of fashion, males have generally worn jewelry just as much as women – and, in some cases, even more. For women, diamonds are now regarded as the ultimate piece of jewelry – but diamonds may also be a fantastic match for males.

The demand for diamonds from the male side of the population is rising since jewelry is still the greatest way to display power, luxury, and high status. And unlike gadgets, they do not become outdated or lose their appeal. 

Even though jewelry might not be as important as it once was, it is still a statement piece that demands attention in a society that is constantly changing.

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