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How Many Carat Diamond Should You Wear?

How Many Carat Diamond Should You Wear?

Once you are 100% sure your love relationship will last a lifetime, it is time to find a diamond ring, make it official, and share the good news with the entire world. 

Shopping for an engagement ring is a fun and exciting experience – as long as you know what to look for, that is.

If you hit the jewelry stores completely unprepared, things can become somewhat overwhelming and ruin those special moments for you. Luckily, with a little bit of help, you can enjoy browsing the rows of sparkling gems worry-free.

A few things must be considered before you start your quest for a perfect diamond engagement ring. First of all, you must try to answer the question: How many carat diamond should you wear? 

Regardless of what they say, size does matter. You do not want a rock that is too big or too small. 

You’ll wear your engagement ring every day for the rest of your life – fingers crossed! – and it thus needs to feel comfortable and look good on your hand. 

We have consulted diamond experts to help you choose wisely, so stay with us to the very end – you won’t regret it!

The Average Diamond Carat Size For Engagement Rings

When we’re uncertain about something, it’s always a good idea to turn to the general public. So, in this case, we did exactly that – and we researched the average carat size for a diamond around the globe. 

It’s interesting that the average carat size dramatically differs depending on location and demographics. 

For example, in the US, brides-to-be mostly choose engagement rings that weigh around one carat. Future brides are a bit more economical in the UK, and thus, their national average is 0.6 carats. European girls are the most modest and are perfectly content with diamonds of approximately 0.5 carats.

The age of a future groom and bride-to-be plays an important role too. 

In general, the older the clients are, the larger are the stones they want to purchase. Couples in their twenties or early thirties will generally settle with diamonds that weigh a maximum of one to two carats. 

Older clients tend to spend more on jewelry. 

The reason for this most probably lies in the fact that they have advanced in their careers more and thus earn more money, too. So, they can indulge themselves when choosing jewelry more than someone who’s still in their twenties. 

Plus, they had more time to save money, which could also be a crucial contributing factor here.

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Is Bigger Always Better?

Many girls are obsessed with oversized diamonds. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, anyone? 

On a serious note, it’s a trend that has a lot to do with the social media network frenzy that’s been going on these days. It seems like there is a competition: 

Who is going to get the biggest diamond? 

And if you don’t have an insanely oversized gem on your finger, it’s a game you’re going to lose. Not that you should care about it, though – but we’re just trying to make a point about how absurd this social media competition is. 

Anyway, as we have already commented, the notion that bigger is better is totally wrong.

You should try to resist these trends – or the need to show off, for that matter – as much as possible. Your engagement ring will be on your hand forever, and that means ONLY YOU need to love it and feel comfortable wearing it. 

Your engagement ring does not need to have a large carat weight diamond to be worthy of you; the feelings that it represents are far more valuable, anyway.

That’s something that gets overlooked in the race for the biggest, sparkliest gem – the emotions behind it should mean so much more than the size of it. 

After all, what does a “big” engagement ring mean in the first place? 

It’s a highly subjective notion if you think about it. 

If you have a size four finger, even a one-carat diamond will look rather large on your hand. Ladies with size eight fingers will perhaps have to choose a larger diamond to achieve the same effect.

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How To Find Out What Is Your Ring Size?

It would be best to visit a jewelry store and have your finger size determined by a professional. 

If you cannot schedule a physical consultation or you want to surprise your partner with a ring, you can browse the Internet and find a free, printable ring sizer. 

A printable ring sizer is simple to use, and you can use it in your home without any fuss. Take an existing ring – yours or your partner’s – and use the ring sizer to compare inner diameters until you find the right match. 

It’s that simple!  

What Is The Average Ring Size?

When it comes to women, the average ring size is 6. Men generally have larger hands, and thus the average men’s ring size clocks in at around 8½.

A lot of men want to surprise their partner with an engagement ring. If you hope to do that, too, and you cannot rely on a printable ring sizer we have suggested for you, there’s one more option – although not an exact one: 

You could try guessing your partner’s ring size. If your partner is petite and has small hands with quite slender fingers, you can pick a ring that is either size 4 or 4½ for women – or size 7 for men. Choose larger rings for a more corpulent person with big or bulky hands. 

It might not be the absolute perfect fit, but it should be close enough. 

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Is Shape A Contributing Factor Too?

Yes. The shape of the diamond is definitely contributing to how big it will look on a ring – or your hand. In general, elongated diamonds appear more opulent than square ones. 

So, if you want your rock to look big, and you have to limit yourself to one carat, opt for an oval or pear diamond rather than a princess cut

As you can see, you do not necessarily need to concentrate on a carat number and spend a fortune. You can utilize some visual tricks and have your diamond appear larger than it really is.

Of course, it is best to focus on your personal taste and preferences. We cannot stress that enough! 

It doesn’t matter how many carats your diamond has or whether other people perceive it as big or not. What matters is whether you like your ring and how it looks and feels on your hand. 

Work with a jeweler to find a perfect balance between your taste and budget!

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The Right Carat Size For You: How To Find It?

You have learned everything about determining your ring size and the average carat size depending on where you live. We have also made an effort to point out what is significant when choosing a diamond. 

Once you set a budget, you’re ready to start your quest. We’ll help you out.

When considering your budget, consider your finances. You do not want to push yourself or your fiance into debt, don’t you? 

After all, the two of you will soon share everything.

An old, unwritten rule states that a person should spend three months’ salary when purchasing an engagement ring. 

In reality, the two of you should sit down and discuss how much money you feel comfortable spending. Going into debt over your engagement ring will most probably cause you to have negative associations each time you look at it – you surely do not want that!

Even though the carat weight dictates the price of a diamond ring to a great extent, you have to know that the ring setting itself costs money, as well. 

A simple solitaire is the most economical option and usually runs around $250. Choosing a pavé band or halo setting will increase the cost to about $1,000. The three-stone setting is the most expensive option and will cost you at least $1,500. 

The more intricate the design is, the pricier the setting will be. You should take that into account when determining your maximum budget.

Once you set your budget, the fun can begin! You can start visiting the jewelry stores and trying on different rings. 

The carat weight is directly dependent on your budget, so you are limited in that regard. On the bright side, you can choose your diamond shape. As we have already mentioned, different diamond shapes show their carat weight slightly differently, and that’s why finding the right one is crucial. 

Besides, the cut of your diamond says a lot about your personal taste and sense of style. 

If you’re an elegant person, you will most likely choose the classic round brilliant. And those who enjoy a bling-bling effect might find a step-cut diamond far more appealing – like an emerald cut, for example.

You should best consider your lifestyle before you commit to a certain ring, too. 

Try to answer the following questions:

  • How will you wear the ring?
  • Do you work with your hands? Will the bulky ring be in your way?
  • Do you plan to wear the ring every day?

If you want to keep your ring on as much as possible, it is perhaps better to keep it small. Large stones can create a lot of trouble if you do not take them off when doing everyday stuff such as cleaning, gardening, etc.

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Is It Possible To Change Your Diamond’s Carat Size Later On?

If you work on a low budget and have to keep your diamond rather small, no need to get discouraged: You’ll have a chance to enhance it once your finances improve.

Even if your diamond is not the size you have always dreamed it would be, there is a solution. For example, you can create a layered look by adding stackable rings. In this way, you’ll make your engagement ring appear bigger and stand out more. 

You can also take your engagement ring to a jeweler and have it reset. The jewelers can add side stones or even replace the center stone with a larger one. In this way, you will give your ring a new life.

You can reset your ring on a special occasion to make things more memorable and give it an even greater sentimental value. For example, you can add new side stones to mark your child’s birth or upgrade the central diamond for your tin (tenth) anniversary.  

Of course, things work the other way around too. If a diamond you have bought is too big to fit into your lifestyle, you can replace it with a smaller one – or even have it recut.

No matter how many carats your diamond of choice has, give it time. Every piece of jewelry requires some time to get used to wearing it.

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Final Words

Size does matter when choosing a diamond ring – or any diamond jewelry for that matter. However, that does not mean that bigger is always better. 

Your diamond ring needs to look the best on your hand – and it should not interfere with your everyday activities and lifestyle. 

No matter what size carat you go with, you need to remember that the true value of your engagement ring lies in what it symbolizes. Diamonds are worth much more when they are gifted with true love. 

Always remember the meaning behind your jewelry, and you will enjoy wearing it much more!

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