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What Causes Diamonds To Fall Out Of Rings?

What Causes Diamonds To Fall Out Of Rings?

A gorgeous diamond ring is something that could be admired for decades – even centuries. Still, even the most magnificent diamond rings can fall victim to a missing stone. That might have you wondering: What causes diamonds to fall out of rings?

Well, the most common reason diamonds can fall out of the ring would be the typical daily wear. Don’t worry – it happens more often than you’d think. So, don’t take off your ring right away. Plus, this problem can be fixed relatively easily – even if it happens more than once again in the future.

So, read this article until the end – and find out what you can do to keep your diamond ring protected if anything happens to it.

Is It Common For Diamonds To Fall Out?

A diamond falling out is, to a certain degree, common – accidents can always happen. Since you use your hands for completing all sorts of tasks, there’s always a risk of bumping your diamond ring into hard surfaces.

If you want to avoid this risk, the general advice is to take off your diamond ring whenever you are doing anything that requires a hands-on approach. You should also consider taking off the diamond ring while washing your hands or showering. Think about it: If the diamond falls out, it can go down the drain.

Another thing that dictates how secure your stone is in your ring is its setting. There are many different types of settings to choose from – some are more sturdy than others. Bezel setting and channel setting are both great examples of secure ring settings.

Usual Causes For Diamonds Falling Out

There are several common causes you should be aware of here. Once you acknowledge them, you can try to avoid these situations as best as you can. Better safe than sorry, right? 

The first scenario is one where your diamond wasn’t set correctly. That is due to the jeweler’s craftsmanship. So, always be sure to purchase your jewelry from a reputable jewelry store.

Another reason is the residue that can build up underneath the stone and between the setting. Even though this isn’t likely to cause it, it’s still a big reason always to get your diamond rings cleaned regularly.

Finally, the most common reason is simple daily wear and tear. As your ring gets older, the prongs become looser; therefore, the risk of your diamond falling out increases.

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How Can You Tell If The Diamond Is Loose?

A good way of finding out if your stone is in good condition is to try and move it around in the setting. We warn you that a loose diamond means that it could be at risk.

To test if your diamond is loose, simply move the diamond with your finger. If you can feel the movement, you might want to bring it to the jewelry store you bought it from to see if they can reinforce it for you.

You can also hold the diamond next to your ear and tap on the band. If you can hear a rattling sound, this is another indicator that the diamond is loose – or it’s getting there. If you want, you can do this from time to time to ensure that your diamond ring is still in good condition. 

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Do Pave Diamonds Fall Out More Easily?

A pave diamond ring is one that usually contains several tiny diamonds next to each other. The amount and pattern of these diamonds can vary. Nonetheless, the risk of them falling out is still there.

The more diamonds you have in your ring, the easier it is for one to fall out – and go unnoticed. Another downside is that you might not realize when such a thing happens; therefore, you won’t be able to recover the stone.

Luckily, smaller diamonds are typically easy to get replaced and matched. 

However, it’s understandable that you’d want to keep the same diamond. Overall, the risk of losing your diamond is going to be a bit higher with pave setting.

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What To Do If You Lose Your Diamond?

If your diamond falls out of your ring, the first step is to try and find the stone. If you can, that’s great – hold onto it. After that, you can bring it to your jeweler. Assuming nothing has happened to your diamond, they will be able to put it back into your ring.

However, if you can’t find your stone, there’s still more you can do. For starters, check if you still have insurance on your ring. If you do, this is going to cover the cost of replacement.

Without insurance, your final option would be to go to the jeweler and see if they might have a matching stone for your ring. They’ll be able to go over the options that are the best fit for your ring.

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What Does Ring Insurance Cover?

Before you choose any ring insurance, it’s imperative to know what your policy covers. Each policy is different, but full coverage will provide you with everything you need, no matter what happens to your diamond ring. 

Here are some common things that ring insurance covers:

  • The ring getting stolen
  • The repair or replacement of the ring
  • Any sort of incident that can occur to the ring at or away from home
  • Any accidental damage that happens to the ring
  • Any accidental loss of the ring

Again, each policy is slightly different, so be sure to check what’s offered for the premium you want to pay. Most insurance options that have a higher premium provide more coverage.

How Much Is Ring Insurance?

The amount you would pay for ring insurance depends on the value of your ring and the level of coverage you want on it. Each insurance company has different formulas to use when deciding how much insurance is going to be. 

The rates can also depend on your location. You can expect to spend for insurance between 1 to 2 percent of the ring’s value, though.

For instance, if you want to insure your ring that costs $5,000, you can probably find companies that’ll cover it for $50 a year. Also, be sure to check on the deductible – the higher the deductible that you pay if something happens, the lower your insurance will be.

The more coverage you put on your diamond ring, the more expensive the premium will be. You should look around and compare more than one company to ensure that you’ll get the best coverage for the best price.

How To Get My Diamond Ring Insured?

There are several steps you could follow – and have your diamond ring insured for the best price. The process may seem frightening, but it’s easier than you might think. Plus, it sure beats the costs of dealing with a diamond that fell out of your ring out of your own pocket.  

Let’s cover the steps that you need to take:

Check Out Your Home Policy

Always be sure to check out your home or renters insurance policy; these might already include coverage for jewelry and any other valuable item you own. 

The amount through these types of policies will be low, typically around $1000. If your diamond ring is worth more than that, you’ll probably have to consider an additional insurance policy to get enough coverage.

Get An Appraisal

Once you resolve to get additional coverage on your diamond ring, you should do an appraisal. That isn’t done so that you can just figure out how much your significant other spent on the ring – it’s usually a requirement for getting the insurance.

Ensure you get a copy of the paperwork and keep it on you when you apply for insurance. That will aid in getting an accurate figure on how much coverage you’ll need on your diamond ring.

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Get The Insurance

Now it’s time to look for the right insurance. 

There are many companies you could choose from here. You may even work with the company that designed the ring or the shop you bought it from – or it can be your homeowner’s insurance or another company.

Take notes and ask the right questions before selection. Some of these questions to ask are:

  • How much is the deductible?
  • Is a re-appraisal necessary in the future?
  • How does the claims process work?
  • How difficult would the claims process be?
  • Will you get the total value of your ring if something happens?
  • How is the market value of the ring determined?
  • What’s covered?
  • Will they cover accidental damage, loss, or theft?
  • What is the cost of protecting the ring?

Protect Your Diamond Ring

Even after getting your diamond ring insured, you need to keep it protected. You wouldn’t want something terrible to happen to it, and you wouldn’t want to make the thief’s job any easier. 

Keep your ring tucked somewhere safe – if you aren’t wearing it, that is.

Will My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Diamond Rings?

Some types of homeowner’s insurance policies usually cover diamond rings. If the diamond ring is simple and doesn’t cost too much, your insurance will cover it because it’s an item inside the home.

But if you lose your diamond ring outside the home, your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover it under a traditional policy.

You can select an extension to your home insurance policy to cover your diamond ring. Some companies allow you to add this extension for items like expensive engagement rings or pieces of art.

Call your insurance company to see how much this extension would be and compare it to other diamond ring insurance providers before you make the final decision.

Do I Need Diamond Ring Insurance?

Whether you wish to insure your diamond ring or not is up to you. For more expensive rings worth a lot, though, insurance can provide peace of mind if something happens to them.

Many people like the feeling of comfort of knowing that if something terrible happens to their ring, the insurer will help them get back some of the expenses, pay to get the repairs done if it gets damaged, or have a replacement made if necessary. 

It’s up to you, though.

What To Look For In Insurance Policies When Purchasing

While looking at diamond ring insurance policies, there are several important factors to take into consideration ahead of time. 

Some things to consider in a policy before purchasing include:

  • The price: The first thing that you should consider with any insurance policy is the price. It will tell you how much you have to pay over the length of the policy and provide you with a better idea of whether a policy is a good deal or not.
  • How much coverage is provided: See if the policy covers everything about the ring, just being lost, just damages, or some other combinations. Some will also have a dollar amount that you can hold onto for compensation.
  • The claims of the process: Hopefully, you’ll never have to work on a claim process with your diamond ring at all. However, if you do, you need to know this process ahead of time. Before signing the papers, be sure to know how many steps there are and how complex the claims process will be.
  • The deductible: See how high the deductible is. Typically, the lower the deductible, the higher the premium you’ll have to pay each year. Alternatively, the higher the deductible – the lower the premium on the insurance policy.
  • How long does the policy last: Check how long the policy lasts, and be sure to compare this with other insurance companies. 
  • Customer service: You never know if you’re going to work with the same company again. It’s essential to find one that provides exceptional customer service.

Final Words

What causes diamonds to fall out of rings?

Several factors can impact the safety of your diamond within the ring’s setting. Whether it’s the damage that your diamond ring has suffered, the residue buildup underneath the diamond, or even poor craftsmanship of the ring, the risk of a diamond falling out is always there.

If anything bad happens to your ring – whether the diamond fell out, got lost, or was stolen – the best idea to cover the losses would be to insure your diamond ring. Insurance provides some peace of mind if something terrible and unplanned happens to your gem.

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