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Are Oval Diamonds Less Sparkly? Do They Shine Less?

Are Oval Diamonds Less Sparkly? Do They Shine Less?

A diamond’s sparkle can make heads turn.

But that won’t happen if you choose just any diamond – you need to make the right pick. There are dozens of cuts and shapes, but only a few of them will make your stone sparkle the way you want.

Most of you are familiar with the sparkle of the round brilliant cut – but the oval cut seems tempting as well. That brings us to the main question: Are oval diamonds less sparkly?

According to the diamond sparkle list, they are, but the difference is barely visible. Bear with us cause we’re going to discuss your chosen diamond’s sparkle, what it depends on, and whether you can enhance it.

Oval Vs. Round Diamonds – Clearing The Air

First, some ground information: You should know the difference between round and oval diamonds. In addition to shape, which is the most visible factor, several others make these two cuts different and unique.

First off, oval diamonds are generally referred to as “fancy” diamonds in the industry. 

That’s primarily due to the growing demand by celebrities who chose this particular cut. They are popular on engagement rings because this cut lengthens your fingers and complements your hand.

Round diamonds are similar. 

This diamond cut is no less popular – and it has its timeless look and charm to thank for that. Just like an oval diamond cut, this cut is popular with engagement rings and even earrings.

Round cut engagement rings give the potential buyer a little more freedom, and they come in all styles.

Okay, this was the general part – but some of the more significant differences are seen in their imperfections and versatility.

In the case of oval diamonds, blemishes and inclusions will be less visible, but you should look out for the central part of the diamond. At the very center, you’ll see a “bow-tie” effect, which looks like a shadow over the width of the diamond.

With round diamonds, that’s not the case, thanks to their shape.

Due to the fine craftsmanship, both round and oval diamonds are pretty versatile, and they go well with dozens of different settings.

However, given the frequent choice of customers, round diamonds seem to have a slight advantage here.

Oval diamonds are not falling behind that much, though, as most people have started to set them “east-west” instead of the usual “north-south” orientation. 

This new setting turned out to be accepted by many because it defies the classic symmetry to which many customers are accustomed.

History Of The Oval Diamond

Although these diamonds have been on the market for years, their modern production began only around 1957, when Russian diamond cutter Lazar Kaplan invented it.

It’s very similar to the round brilliant, with its 58 facets. However, before they got their final shape, these diamonds went through several changes. Some even believed that some of them had mystical powers.

Here’s an interesting fact: Before Lazar Kaplan perfected this cut, he worked on diamonds considered “worthless” and “useless.” His ability to turn a rough diamond into a piece of art got him into The Jewelers International Hall Of Fame.

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The Brilliance Scale: Where Are Oval Diamonds?

Brilliance is essential – but it won’t bring you closer to a perfect diamond. There’s no such thing, anyway. There are merely diamonds that are more brilliant than others.

Speaking of which, where do oval cut diamonds fit in? Are they on the top or the bottom of the scale? Well, they’re a close second. The first place, as you might’ve guessed, goes to the round brilliant cut.

To get a clearer picture of diamond brilliance, let’s take a quick look at this table:

Most Brilliant:The round brilliant cut.
Extremely Brilliant:Oval, marquise, and pear cut.
Very Brilliant:Heart and princess cut.
Brilliant:Cushion, emerald, Asscher, and radiant cut.
Less Brilliant:The baguette cut.

Check Out:

The diamond sparkle doesn’t come that easily, though. It mainly depends on the diamond cut. To remind you what a diamond cut has to do with sparkle, here’s a short recap on diamond making:

Diamond cut is the determining factor here. The better the gem’s cut, the more prominent its brilliance, fire, and beauty are. In simple words, a diamond’s cut dictates light performance.

When rays of light hit the diamond, they bounce off the facets and reflect back to your eye. Poor-quality diamonds will not be able to meet this criterion.

That is crucial for your gemstone because the clearer the reflection, the better the diamond cut.

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Things You Should Know Before Buying An Oval Diamond

A smart customer will not enter a jewelry store without any knowledge. A smart buyer will first inquire about the diamond they are looking to buy. For that purpose, here are a couple of things you should know before you go in and buy an oval-cut diamond.

The biggest obstacle before buying an oval-cut diamond is the bow-tie effect. We mentioned that this is a shadow that extends over the diamond. 

The thing is, potential buyers want a flawless diamond – and this can be a problem for some. There is almost no oval cut that does not have a bow tie. With some, it is visible; with others, you won’t even notice it. 

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Our advice is, if this catches your attention immediately, try looking for another cut. With oval diamonds, it’s all about the shape. 

One slightly discouraging fact is that it is challenging to find the perfect oval diamond. Since this cut requires professionalism and symmetry, and the chances that you’ll find one in the first jewelry shop are small.

You should know how to pick the right setting, too. The oval cut is suitable for many traditional settings, but you should go for the halo setting if you want the extra sparkle. It maximizes light performance and makes your diamond stand out.

Are The Prices Budget-Friendly?

It depends on the carat weight – but let’s put these thoughts into numbers, shall we? Here’s a table showing average prices for VS2 oval diamonds:

Carat Weight:0.50 ct0.70 ct1.00 ct1.20 ct1.50 ct2.00 ct
Oval Shape:$1,204$2,373$5,362$7,431$11,875$23, 861 

You could say so. Oval diamond rings are currently in trend thanks to many contemporary celebrities such as Serena Williams and Blake Lively. This diamond has been one of the most sought-after in the last five years.

However, this current spike of glory is nothing compared to 1981 – the year when Princess Diana officially made this cut popular. During the 90s and 00s, popularity declined until Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton, and the oval diamond got back on the market.

It’s safe to say you can’t go wrong if you choose the oval cut for your engagement ring.

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How To Make Your Oval Diamond Sparkle More?

Oval diamonds have an intense sparkle, but if you want to enhance it a bit more, know that you can do that with a couple of tips. Here are some simple routines that’ll help you enhance your diamond’s sparkle.

The first tip would be not to wear your diamond everywhere. By this, we don’t mean that you shouldn’t wear it in public, just that you don’t take it with you in the shower. As with a lot of other jewelry, excessive amounts of water are not good for your gems.

On a similar note, you should avoid harsh chemicals. 

Your diamonds are not forever, no matter what you might’ve been convinced before. Huge amounts of certain soaps, detergents, and even paint can leave lasting consequences.

Where should you keep your diamonds, then?

You should keep your diamonds in a safe place. The best option here would be to purchase a jewelry box with a cushion layer. But be careful: Do not overload this box because if they’re all jumbled, you’ll probably see some scratches.

A humid environment can affect the sparkle as well, so choose a dry room. You shouldn’t store your diamonds in the bathroom.

If you want your diamond to shine – even more, that is – consider using a soft toothbrush. Go over your diamond with this brush a couple of times to remove the dirt and built-up grime.

You can even run it through a stream of lukewarm water before reaching for the brush. Make this your weekly (or at least monthly) routine – depending on how often you wear it.

That might sound crazy, but don’t touch your diamond 24/7. The grease and dust from your fingers can reduce the quality and sparkle of your diamond. 

You can still admire its beauty without needing to touch and move it all the time.

Oh, and remember: You can always take your diamond to get a professional cleaning. If you are unsure of your skills and want someone to take care of your piece of jewelry professionally, you generally always have this option.

If you were expecting some complicated guidance on how to make your diamond sparkle more, you were mistaken:

Even though that piece of jewelry in your possession is worth a lot, its maintenance is pretty simple, and it boils down to the basic steps – you just need to stick to them, and you’ll have a fabulous diamond! 

We do have a detailed guide on diamond care, though – you can check it out here!

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Famous Oval Diamond Rings

We’ve done some diamond-digging – pun intended. And for those of you still searching for that perfect oval ring, here are a couple of breath-taking options out there:

  • Ceremony Dahlia Oval Ring: If you’re looking for a classic East-West design
  • Shahla Karimi Oval East-West Ring: Reminiscent of the 1920s
  • Tiffany & Co. Oval Halo Engagement Ring: The setting will make your diamond shine even more
  • Allurez Diamond Accented Oval Engagement Ring: A classic and solitaire choice
  • Vera Wang Oval Diamond Frame Engagement Ring: Gold paired with black rhodium to set a bold stage and a stunning halo setting
  • Porter Gulch Presley Ring: Art Deco vibes
  • ILA Bruce Ring: Made with recycled 18K gold
  • Michelle Oh Marina Rose Ring: The rose gold setting goes wonderfully with a diamond

Final Thoughts

That’s about it. Let’s go through the highlights one more time:

First of all, oval diamonds have always been a popular choice, especially for engagement rings. This cut’s been around for centuries; however, its peak popularity was experienced around 1957 when it got its modern look.

Shortly after that, you could see a lot of celebrities who opted for this cut. The royals did not remain indifferent, either – and this diamond became especially popular after it landed on the hand of Princess Diana.

If this diamond is so popular, does it mean it has the strongest sparkle? 

Well, no. It’s a close second, though. The round brilliant cut takes the first place – but the sparkle of a quality-cut oval diamond cannot be disputed. On that note, if you want this to be in your possession, start saving some money.

There are even several ways you can enhance the sparkle of your gems. It’s straightforward, actually: For example, you shouldn’t mix it with harsh chemicals and touch it all the time. Our advice would be to take it to get it professionally cleaned once in a while, too.

Whatever you do, you can’t go wrong with this cut.

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