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Do Blue Diamonds Sparkle?

Do Blue Diamonds Sparkle?

Before buying a new diamond, you should always check the background of that stone by asking to take a look at its official certificate. In there, you can find the necessary information about the legitimacy of that diamond, its grades, and more.

That’s even more necessary when trying to buy a colored diamond, specifically a blue diamond – given that they’re usually priced much higher than other diamonds. 

People search for blue diamonds all the time, but they also can’t help but wonder what happens in broad daylight. How will these blue gems look? What about sparkling? Do blue diamonds sparkle?

We’re glad to inform you that all blue diamonds sparkle, no exception. Still, if you stumble upon fake blue diamonds, you might not like the result.

Tune in to find out how to check the legitimacy of your newly bought blue diamond – and how to preserve its sparkling capabilities!

Why Are Diamonds So Popular?

In modern times, it’s pretty rare to stumble upon someone that doesn’t possess a diamond – we either wear them frequently or keep them hidden in highly secured deposits. But generally, most of us have them. 

What makes them so desirable, though? Well, we can technically divide the answer into two segments:

  1. Diamonds are the inevitable part of most proposal-related traditions among people; the future groom presents a diamond-embedded ring to his future bride, which serves as a promise or a sign of commitment during a proposal.
  2. Diamonds represent the status of wealth. People that have the financial capabilities to own diamonds usually use them to show their vast assets.

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But, to fully answer the previous question, it’s necessary to point out the most important reason why diamonds are so popular – their ability to shine and sparkle. All natural diamonds have the ability to shine under most conditions – as long as there’s a bright source of light close to them.

That’s most evident whenever we observe diamonds in broad daylight. But, if we perfectly align the position of the diamond with the current height of the sun – the diamond will manifest a new and unique type of glow: They will sparkle.

Because of their sparkling capabilities, diamonds are the most sought precious stones on our planet. So, remember: If you wish to heighten your chances for a successful proposal, present your future fiancée with a diamond that has a distinguishing sparkle!

Not that the foundations of your marriage should rest on the size of stone – but you get the idea.

Back to the topic: Most people are aware that all diamonds can shine if there’s a source of light close to them. But, not all people are positive that all diamonds can sparkle. 

And yes, fire and brilliance are two very different phenomena. 

Let’s get straight to the case: As long as you’re holding a natural diamond in your hand – you’ll be in possession of a precious stone that can sparkle. Many scientists have run countless research, and all results indicate that genuine diamonds will always glow.

The same can’t be said about fake diamonds. 

Now, when we discuss fake diamonds, we’re not referring to artificially made diamonds made in special laboratories and supervised by experts. Lab-grown diamonds have the same properties as natural ones – and that means they’ll sparkle, too. 

By “fake,” we mean cubic zirconia and similar copies. 

These diamonds serve as a replacement alternative for people who don’t wish to pay a fortune for jewelry embedded with genuine diamonds. 

Did you know that you can’t find an average one-carat diamond for less than $2000?

Still, regardless of their financial capabilities, most people will choose to buy a diamond or two – just to keep up with today’s standards. Plus, the sparkle of a fake diamond can’t ever measure up to the real thing. 

A quick note: If you need to preserve money – we highly recommend that you restrain yourself from buying diamonds, as they don’t appreciate. 

If you wish to learn more about what influences diamonds’ worth – click on the link here!

Despite the high prices, as we previously mentioned, diamonds are nearly unavoidable. Sooner or later, you’ll either buy a diamond or will be presented with one. It’s just how the society we all live in works.

Most people come across regular transparent diamonds, as they are the most popular ones by far. But, as it turns out, natural and especially artificial diamonds can be found or crafted in more than one color.

Natural diamonds will most likely be transparent. But, if certain geographical characteristics are met and specific elements are present during their formation, some diamonds could transition from colorless to manifesting some colors.

On the other hand, most fake diamonds are artificially made to be transparent, mimicking most characteristics of the real diamond as closely as possibles. But, if someone wishes to obtain an artificial colored diamond, then those stones undergo treatment that “forces” them to be colored.

This time around, we’ll take a closer look at natural-colored diamonds that still offer transparent traits – but the emphasis is on their color.

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What are the most frequent diamond colors besides the “white” ones?

Before we explain that, we need to point out that white diamonds technically don’t exist. White and black colors aren’t colors, but rather, they represent the absence of a definitive color type. 

White represents no color at all – and black represents “too much color.”

Still, white and black diamonds do exist. Due to the lack of other terms for those colors, they are still referred to as “black” and “white.” 

Other diamond colors include yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, brown – and, of course, blue.

The previously mentioned colors are the most famous ones. All of them are rarer than regular “white” or transparent diamonds, making them that much more expensive. 

But sometimes, if a diamond manifests too much color, that trait could lower its overall value, as some diamond colors affect the diamond’s ability to be transparent and, ultimately, sparkle less.

Luckily for us, some diamonds will have excellent sparkling capabilities regardless of their color. One of those is none other than the all-famous blue diamond!

So, do all blue diamonds have the ability to sparkle?

Well, in most cases, the concrete answer is yes. But, there are several exemptions to this rule that we’ll need to talk about here. All in due time, though. 

Blue Diamonds Are Extremely Rare

Most people enjoy new, unique, and exotic things. And, well, colored diamonds – especially blue diamonds – fall into that category. 

But, unfortunately, as of this moment, blue diamonds are one of the rarest diamond types that “inhabit” our planet.

Due to their rareness, blue diamonds are far more expensive than regular, colorless diamonds. Their price tag can even double or triple when compared to “regular” diamonds – if you wish to buy one, ensure that you bring enough money!

Another thing that significantly decreases the chances of you finding a blue diamond in one of your local jewelry shops is that most of them are already dug up and sold: Archeologists suspect that there are only a few thousand natural blue diamonds still hidden in the depths of the Earth. 

So, if you hope to get a hold of a blue diamond or two, you’ll need to call a trusted jeweler and ask them to notify you when someone stops by to sell one – or when there’s a newly dug blue diamond that’s headed to their shop.

Still, be wary of the fact that you’ll probably not be the only one that wishes to purchase a blue diamond; many people want to possess one. You’ll have to stand in line. 

But what makes blue diamonds so desirable?

Well, when you compare regular white diamonds with other color-type diamonds – side by side, they will be nearly identical – minus some minor differences. The thing that mainly differentiates colored diamonds from colorless ones is their lack of ability to sparkle as bright.

Because of that, most people will decide to buy transparent diamonds, as they provide excellent sparkling performance. However, more knowledgeable and versatile in diamonds will know that blue diamonds sparkle the same as regular diamonds.

Not only that: Due to the presence of strong color, some blue diamonds offer a sparkling effect that’s virtually unrivaled by any other color-type diamond. 

We can firmly state that blue diamonds are a fan-favorite among most people that wish to own a colored diamond.

Unfortunately, several key elements can interfere with the sparkling of blue diamonds that could, when neglected or forgotten, deteriorate their overall ability to sparkle.

Let’s see what you should pay attention to when it comes to preserving the sparkling effect of a blue diamond. 

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Keep Your Diamonds Somewhere Safe

Regardless of your diamonds’ current state and appearance, you still need to take care of them thoroughly. Small or big, colorless or colored – all diamonds will eventually suffer from the passing of time. 

Fortunately, we don’t need to worry about whether diamonds will crack or break if they’re hidden somewhere safe – diamonds are listed as a perfect “10” on the Mohs scale, after all.

If you wish to expand your knowledge on what’s the Mohs scale and why diamonds rank so high – we’ve got you covered: Just click on the link here, and you’ll learn everything there is about that!

The problem of this topic manifests when you place your blue diamonds somewhere where they are easy to spot. 

Most people lean towards keeping diamonds in highly secured safes within banks. Others might be skeptical when talking about those security measurements, though. Some people think that stashing their precious stones somewhere in their house is smarter than leaving them in a safe. 

We can’t offer a definitive answer regarding which method is better, as there are “holes” in both situations. Still, as long as you can guarantee the safety of your diamonds, there shouldn’t be any problems.

But, if you wish to preserve the sparkling effect of your blue diamonds, the best course of action is to hide them out of plain sight – and in a safe. Never leave your blue diamonds exposed somewhere, as someone might knock them off to the ground or, worse, steal them. 

Although diamonds are highly durable, they can sustain damage to a certain degree, depending on how you handle them. Regardless of the circumstance, as soon as you damage your blue diamond, it will immediately lose its flawless appearance, ultimately reducing its sparkling capabilities.

So, to prevent that from happening, store them somewhere safe at all times. On the other hand, if you wish to wear them frequently, you’ll often need to visit your jeweler.

Why is that necessary? That’s what the next section will explain. 

Blue Diamonds Need To Be Cleaned Frequently

Anyone who has blue diamonds embedded in your jewelry will undeniably wish to wear them daily. And why wouldn’t you? They represent an excellent accessory that can pave your way to success with their sparkling effects!

Still, if you wish to preserve their sparkling, you’ll need to visit one of your trusted jewelers and schedule a treatment for your blue diamonds. If you leave them unattended for several months straight, blue diamonds can lose a portion of their sparkling capabilities due to the ever-so-present dirt.

All jewelry pieces get dirty without proper care, including those embedded with precious stones – and, in this case, blue diamonds. So, to keep them clean and sparkly at all times, drop them off at your jeweler for a cleaning session, and everything should be fine!

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Summing It Up

As long as you’re holding a genuine diamond, you’ll have a stone that can sparkle. Still, some people are skeptical towards fully-colored diamonds – they believe that those precious stones can’t sparkle. 

That begs the question, “Do blue diamonds sparkle?“

As we previously stated, all genuine diamonds will sparkle, without exception – which implies blue diamonds will, too. But, some natural diamonds can only demonstrate a small amount of sparkling, regardless of the circumstance. That occurs when you own a diamond that’s completely colored.

Don’t worry: The previous rule doesn’t refer to blue diamonds, as the manifested color blue in diamonds will always be transparent enough to emit light and, thus, sparkle. 

Thanks for tuning in – and we’ll see you next time!